Why Do You Need a Tracker for Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn extra money and spread the word about your product/service simply by promoting it online. The key here is conversion — we engage and inspire visitors to buy our product through our affiliate link.

To achieve success, you should always keep track of conversions. But how do you know which campaigns and traffic sources are effective, how much you're spending on them or earning from them, and so on? Fortunately, affiliate tracking tools allow you to do all of this and more. You are wasting time and money if you do not have a dedicated affiliate marketing tracker.

What is a tracker

Affiliate trackers are the perfect way to measure your digital marketing campaigns, whether you use them for affiliate marketing, SEO or PPC. They're also handy if you want an accurate playback of how well certain offers performed in comparison with others on different sites by providing details like:

● how each click performed

● where the click came from

● which of the images in your ad the person that viewed the ad clicked

and a lot more.

A tracker may also allow you to disable parts of your ad that are generating clicks but are not converting into sales. You'll be able to spend more money on other series that are practically bringing in sales if you turn off the parts of your ad that aren't working.

Benefits of using a tracker

While the funationality of a tracker sounds quite like tracking offered by the network itself, a tracker is more powerful and doesn't reveal yoru ad data to the network. Here are a few major advantages of using a tracker:

● Know everything about your campaigns. You have better control over your traffic as you are able to track every parameter of your campaign: offers, creatives, referrer links, carriers, browser versions, device models, and so on.

● Manage all your campaigns in one place. You can aggregate the data from every campaign and every traffic source on onre platform.

● Automate your work. Basically all trackers provide automation features that can take care of mundane tasks efficiently.

Target your audience effectively. A tracker gives you insights about your visitors so that you will know which creatives, geos, referrers, carriers and browsers versions to go for to achieve higher conversion.

● Get support whenever you need it. Using an affiliate tracker, you can get help with any issue you might face from the customer service.

Best affiliate trackers

Price and functionality are two of the most important factors to consider when deciding between various options. The best advice for anyone looking for a good affiliate tracking platform is to start using one. After a while, you'll be able to tell whether it meets your specific requirements. If not, simply switch to another.

We pick up several popular trackers and provide a brief introduction to them. This is not a ranking, but rather some suggestions that may be of interest to you. We also include discounts from these trackers for AdsPower users. Let's take a look!


Why Do You Need a Tracker for Affiliate Marketing

Voluum is by far the most popular tracker and a winner of multiple awards in the ‘Best Tracker’ category. Voluum supports over 50 affiliate platforms, easing the process of managing multiple campaigns.


● Integrate all traffic sources and set up automatic optimization of your advertising campaign.

● AI traffic distribution that helps concentrate traffic on the most effective offers, landing pages

● Bot detection feature set: weed out suspicious visits and clicks

● Convenient notifications: set up notifications in a convenient mobile or desktop format

The monthly costs starts from $69. Although you don’t get a free trial there is a 7-day demo to check out how the product works. You can use the promocode AdsPower to get 10% off the first monthly subscription.


Why Do You Need a Tracker for Affiliate Marketing

Keitaro is a professional tracker for traffic arbitrage with flexible settings of selling funnels of any complexity, analytics of advertising campaigns, link protection and cloaking. It appears to be the best product on the market in terms of quality.


● Distribute traffic between landing pages, offers, and direct addresses.

● Building reports with multi-level grouping and connecting the necessary metrics.

● Ready-to-use templates for integration with traffic sources and affiliate networks.

● Protect landing pages from bots and cloaking tools to spoof content.

Keitaro offers a 7-day free trial. The monthly subscription starts from $25. The promocode ADSPOWER gives 20% off the first purchase of any license for 3x months.


Why Do You Need a Tracker for Affiliate Marketing

PeerClick is a cloud-based tracker that allows you to analyze and optimize your advertising campaigns in real time, create detailed reports, organize your work and distribute your traffic. Which will maximize your income and monetize your traffic.


● PeerClick is one of the fastest services on the market due to the data-centers located on 5 continents.

● Use Smart Rotation to optimize traffic distribution and send people to different paths.

● The functionality of Website Protection helps you pass the moderation in the advertising system.

● Protect your landing pages from spyware parsing.

PeerClick offers competitive pricing plans, including a free plan, with the option to save from 10 to 30% if you opt for a long-term subscription. Use the coupon code ADSPOWER to have 1 million events for 1 month and to set up FREE CLOAKING for 1 campaign to pass moderation in traffic sources. Moreover after month you can buy this plan for an incredible price — only $19.


Why Do You Need a Tracker for Affiliate Marketing

AdsBridge is a cloud-based tracker platform for analytics and traffic distribution. Serving as most essential tool for affiliate marketers, media agencies, ad networks, and in general anyone involved with internet marketing.


● Create a flow of custom targeting for multiple campaigns and optimize all of them simultaneously.

● By pre-setting certain dimensions and metrics, generate insightful tailor-made reports in real time and use filters to customize them by specific data.

● Use highly-precision tracking of real-time fraud visits, clicks, and conversions.

● Machine learning to help you to reach the topmost EPC ratings and boost your campaigns

Free plan is available, while paid plans starts from $29/month with a 14-day free trial. Use the promocode AdsPower15 to get 15% off the first purchase.


Why Do You Need a Tracker for Affiliate Marketing

Binom is the undisputed leader in click-processing and report-building speeds. And the customer support is said to have epically quick response times.


● By precisely setting the user’s access rights, your computer can work simultaneously in a single trace.

● Send a click to a destination page that a user has not yet seen and for which the offer has not yet been implemented.

● Fast multi-level reports with line tags, search capabilities, filters, and detailed analysis

● Track more than 20 clicks with the latest databases of ISPs and devices.

Although Binom offers only one plan that costs $99/month, you have enough time to decide whether to continue working with it after 30 days of free trial.


Why Do You Need a Tracker for Affiliate Marketing

BeMob is another cloud-based tracking software that is perfect for beginners because of the free plan. And because they have a team of affiliate marketers too, they are able to give you the tips and tricks to grow your campaigns.


● Advanced traffic tracking and distribution system that is capable to optimize your ad campaigns and ensure the highest profitable growth.

● A lot of traffic source and affiliate network templates with pre-configured settings.

● The most recent and complete databases that provide the most comprehensive user data in the reports.

● No-redirect tracking that will help you to track paid and organic traffic without initial redirect.

Advanced plans of BeMob starts from $49/month without free trials. But they also offer a free plan which provides users with all functions.

Wrapping up

To achieve satisfactory results in affiliate marketing, you must constantly monitor your ad statistics in order to identify the most effective campaigns and sources. Trackers, in this case, are a great help because they allow you to monitor and analyze all of your campaigns in one place. Trackers are definitely worth investing in if you want to succeed as an affiliate.


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Why Do You Need a Tracker for Affiliate Marketing