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AdsPower help center

Welcome to the AdsPower Help Center, which contains the system operation manual and FAQ, You can also contact us ( for further assistance.

Product Main Function

  • Profies Management

AdsPower can manage profiles in batches, including importing profiles in batches, exporting profiles, creating tasks, etc.

  • Profile Fingerprint

AdsPower’s multiple profiles have set independent fingerprints, including time zone, default language, User Agent, font, resolution, etc. You can try the fingerprint information provided by the system or customize the fingerprint information.

  • Open Profile

AdsPower can open multiple profiles. These profiles are independent of each other.

  • Automated Operation

AdsPower provides automatic operation, which can liberate manpower and improve your work efficiency. In addition, we provide customized automation operations, please contact us if necessary.

  • Team Collaboration Function

AdsPower offers a team collaboration feature. We support multiple members to collaborate on the system at the same time. You can manage the profiles in the system to authorise different groups to different members; you can also manage the permissions in the system to give different functional permissions to different groups of members

  • Mainstream Agent Support

AdsPower integrates mainstream proxies on the market, even support for IPv6. The main integrated proxy types are luminati, http, and socks5. Among them, luminati, Oxylabs, IPHTML dynamic residential proxies can automatically match the latest proxies.

Help Center Main Points

  • About the operation manual

The operating manual serves as a help for AdsPower operators to quickly start using the system. It describes the operating procedure for each function and provides screenshots to illustrate it. With this manual you can master the entire system operation, member, and function management.

  • About the FAQ

FAQ includes solutions for start-up, software, accounts, payments and more. You can find the answers here. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

  • Audience

The main target audience is team administrators and members. Knowledge of software operation and quick completion of various back office operations.

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