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1. Download and install software

1)Access the AdsPower download page ( to download and install software for Windows or Mac.

2)We strongly recommend installing on non-system disk or a larger disk.

3)AdsPower supports Windows, MacOS and Mac with M1/M2 chip.

2. Register an account

Launch the software and use a valid email address to sign up. If you already have a AdsPower account you can log in directly.

3.Create a new browser profile

Create a profile: Profiles Management->Click [+New Profile]->Click [Single Import]

1)Name(optional): Profile name for easy management.

2)Select Group: Select an account group or create a new group for easy management.

3)User Agent: Select the operating system Windows/macOS/Linux for the browser profile ( we reccommend you use User Agent corresponding to your computer OS).

4)Conp the proxy to be used in this profile. Multiple proxy types are supported. The following example shows noproxy(Direct connection mode).

For more information about proxy configuration, please refer to “Proxy settings“.

5)Account Platform: Select an account platform from the drop-down list. If you can’t find your platform in the list, you can select “others” and enter the domain of the account platform or click “Open a specified URL”.

6)Fill in the login information of your accounts(optional). Username and password of your accounts on the platforms are in the red box, cookie is in the blue box. You can give preference to cookie.

Note: If you leave them blank, please un-tick the “Check duplicate” box(es).

4. Open profiles

1)You can see created profiles in Profile Managemetn. Click [Open] to open this browser profile.

2)A page that shows IP address and the platform page will be opened automatically.

5. Choose the best plan for your team

1) Choose the best plan or receive a 3-day free trial (Base or Pro)

2)Choose the number of profiles you will need

3)Choose the number of users in your team

4)Billed monthly. Discount up to 20%!

Note: The difference between Base and Pro

With Base: No profile recycle bin. Auto-matching region is not supported. Open or import limit per day=Browser profiles*10

With Pro: Profile recycle bin and auto-matching region are supported. Open or import limit per day=Browser profiles*30

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