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Getting Started FAQs

About the product

Q:What is AdsPower?

A:AdsPower is a professional tool for account management that can provide an independent fingerprint browser and isolation environment for each account, which can save account environment costs. AdsPower mainly has the following functions:

-Batch profile management
-Automatically set browser independent fingerprints
-Open multiple browser environments independently of each other
-Automated operation, greatly improving efficiency
-Team collaboration function, supporting multiple members to collaborate
-Mainstream agent support

Q:What computer configuration can I use AdsPower?

A:More than 4GB of RAM, more than 2GB of available disk space. or more free disk space, valid GPU and supported on Windows, MacOS, Mac M1/M2 chips.

About creating

Q:What is a profile?

A:A profile is like a virtual device.

Q:How do I import my account into AdsPower?

A:Go to [Profile Management] ->[New Profile],Further information can be found at “Create profiles

About the package

Q:What is the open/import limit?

A:This is the number of times you can create and open profiles every 24 hours. For Base: number of package profiles*10, for Pro: number of package profiles*30

Q:Is it possible to clear Profiles Recycle Bin? Does the number of profiles in the package include the number of deleted profiles?

A:Only profiles deleted within the last 7 days are displayed in Profile Recycle Bin. After 7 days they will be automatically cleared. The deleted profiles doesn’t take up the number of profiles in your package.

Q:What is users?

A:Members can login to the account given by the founder.(depending on the number of purchased AdsPower package users)

Q:How to add a member account for my employee to manage the data I import?

A:The founder should go to [Permission] -> [Create a group] -> [Add user] to create a member account.

About proxy

Q:What is proxy protocols?

A:It is a network protocol for preserving a client’s IP address when the client’s TCP connection passes through a proxy.

Q:What proxy protocols does AdsPower support?

A:The main protocols used by proxies HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 are supported on AdsPower. You need to buy proxies to set up your profiles.

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