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1. Block image

Block images and videos. Prevent images from DownLoading. You can toggle blocking on/off by clicking the extension icon on the chrome toolbar.

2. Google Translate

1) Enable Google Translate

2)Make sure that Google API is enabled

Method 1

Open your browser and click on the Google Translate plugin and select the language of the page to be translated

Method 2

Open a profiles browser and click the right mouse button on an empty area, select a language.

3. Amazon Order

This plugin helps Amazon users see all amazon orders of a specific time on AdsPower.

1)Application Center-> Amazon Order-> Enable

2)Make sure the plugin is enabled

Enter Amazon from AdsPower and you will see the plugin logo on the website navigation bar

3)View Amazon orders

Data Report-> Amazon Order-> Select order time

Able to view all Amazon orders details in a specific time, including order ID, order money, product image, product name, product price and so on.

4. FB Ads Report

1)Application Center-> FB Ads Report-> Enable

Open a FB page on AdsPower and on the navigation bar you will see the plugin logo.

2)Go to Data Report-> FB Ads Report to view details

Users can search by create time, Ad account status, group name, serial number and other conditions.

5. Paste as human

Imitate human to register, log in, comment and so on.

6. Autofill

If this plugin is enabled, account name and password will be filled on targeted platforms automatically (before this users should enter account name and password when importing account on AdsPower).

Note: Kernel version should be updated to v or above

7. Recorder action

You can quickly record a video of web operations for creating an RPA process. When a RPA task is running, RPA Robot will repeat the operations performed during the recording.

8. Element selector

Easily and quickly find the JavaScript object of the only CSS selector of the page DOM element.

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