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Robotic Process Automation(RPA) is a form of business process automation technology based on artificial intelligence(AI), which is architected to follow rules and predefined scripts to achieve process-based workflows. It is primarily used to automate repetitive tasks that require human intervention.

RPA Manual:

1.Process Management

1.1 Create a task flow: Write your RPA processes

Edit task name, click “+” to add process steps, choose the operation when error appeared, choose whether to clear or to save tab after the task is finished.

1.2 Buy RPA packages

1) Package based on points: 30 processes can be created, 1 point = 1 step
2) Package based on duration: 100 processes can be created, unlimited points

1.3 Usage Setting

1)Task settings: Set the number of task threads
2)Manual: RPA instruction
3)Submit feedback: Give us your valuable comments
4)RPA points: Currently available points
5)Created processes: Created processes / createable processes


2.1 View the created timed tasks and easily create multiple tasks with different execution times, different execution frequencies and different schedules.

2.2 Launch, close, delete and edit RPA plans.

3.Task Details

3.1 Running: The current RPA task is running
3.2 Complete: The RPA task is finished
3.3 Error: There is an erro with a step or exception interrupt in the current task
3.4 Log detail: View the detailed steps executed in the RPA task (when a red exclamation mark appears in the log detail, it means that a step in the current task fails or there is exception interrupt)
3.5 Cancel execution in batch: Tick tasks pending for execution to cancel execution in batch. The tasks in running cannot be canceled.

4.RPA Points

Check consumption details of RPA points.

5.Create a RPA task

5.1 Select the profiles which need to run RPA tasks, and click the “RPA” button.

5.2 Choose proccess and task type to run common or scheduled task.

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