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Task Management

1. Functions

Task management allows to view tasks details performed in account management, including task execution status, execution results, and status note of tasks performed by target accounts

All tasks will be sorted in descending order according to the start time.

2. Operations

2.1 Interface Introduction

Task management interface includes filter area, list area and paging area;

2.1.1 Filter area

Filter box, allows to search according to conditions chosen

Create time: the time when the task starts. Users can search tasks of specific period or directly click options like All, Yesterday, One week and Thirty days.

Group: users can select a group to see tasks of that group

Task type: radio button with 6 options: all, check, create page, close notification, create BM, BM invitation authorization;

Execution status: radio button with 9 options: all, waiting to execution, starting execution, executing, execution ends, unknown error, execution timeouts, no proxy, canceled

Operation user: users can view the tasks performed by a specific operation user;

Account ID: enter the account ID to search tasks of that user. Fuzzy matching is not supported.

Task ID: enter the task ID to search tasks of that user. Fuzzy matching is not supported.

Filter buttons

Search: click search after entering user ID;

Reset: clear all filtering conditions;

Refresh: update the execution status of all tasks in the entire task list;

Tasks that waiting to be executed: shows the number of tasks waiting to be executed with the number in red;

2.1.2 List Area

>The header is the beginning of the table and is used to classify data;

Task ID: unique ID of a task;

Task type: the type of performed task;

Account ID: the login account of the FB user, the second line is the user ID;

Login status: login status of a user in the task after checking login status;

Execution status: status of a task, users can click Retry task in the box to execute the task again;

Execution result: the result after the execution of the task;

Status note: screenshot about the details of the task;

Creation time: the time when the task starts;

End time: the time when the task ends;

Operation user: The user who executes the task;

2.1.3 Operation Buttons

Cancel execution in batch: for tasks that are in the “waiting to execution” status, users can cancel them by selecting them and clicking the button. It should be noted that “executing” tasks cannot be canceled;

Batch re-execution: for tasks in any status, users can select tasks and click the button to re-execute tasks. Suggest not to select tasks in No proxy status.

2.1.4 Paging area

Contains the total data number, the current page and the total page number, and the number of data displayed on each page. There are four options: 10, 20, 50 and 100.

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