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About Startup

  • What is AdsPower and what features does it have?

AdsPower is a Facebook ad management product. It has the characteristics of simple import, automatic verification, multiple browsers, batch automation, etc., which can help users to efficiently operate and place ads, and can meet the needs of various business scenarios;

  • Can I try AdsPower before making a formal purchase?

Yes, within one week of creating an account in the contact background, the system does not limit the number of open FBs by default, and will give away 50 automated tasks for free to help users try different functions. After the task number is exhausted, you need to subscribe to the corresponding package to start using;

After logging in to AdsPower, the interface is missing?

Due to browser cache and cookie login, it is recommended that users refresh the interface or log in to the system again;

  • Can AdsPower only be opened with a browser? Does it support mobile?

Yes, the architecture adopted by AdsPower is to open with a browser. Chrome browser is recommended. Currently, mobile operation is not supported.

  • What is the difference between AdsPower and other similar products?

The difference between AdsPower and other products is that it supports batch import of cookies, one-click FB login and a series of customizable automation operations, which greatly improves work efficiency through a series of innovations and improvements in the operation process;

About Software

  • Does the AdsPower system provide a proxy?

The system supports mainstream agents on the market such as luminati, Socks5, etc., users need to purchase agents by themselves;

  • How does the AdsPower system set up a proxy?

After clicking on the “start.bat” file in the system folder, the system startup page that jumps to has instructions for proxy settings. If you have entered the system, you can enter the URL to view it;

  • What should I do if I cannot open multiple FB accounts with the error message “Profile error occurred”?

Opening the FB cache will take up hard disk space. You can free up space by deleting the user ID folder in the AdsPower root directory/source/cache. For FB accounts that are no longer used, it is recommended to periodically delete the cache data;

  • What should I do if I open FB and display “No network, please try again later”?

This happens for a single account, please try again later or restart the agent. If this happens to multiple accounts, please change the IP address or return to the proxy client login interface to change the proxy line;

  • What should I do if I open FB and display “Software is not started”?

Please check whether the Open FB Server is started normally in the filter conditions, please return to the local client folder and click the start.bat file to log in to the system again;

  • What should I do if the task network times out?

It is recommended to refresh the interface and try again, and recheck the connection status of your local network and proxy network;

  • What if the task execution fails?

A single execution failure may be due to network and operational reasons. It is recommended to retry. Multiple execution failures may be due to IP proxy reasons or advertising account failures. It is recommended to check the task management further.

  • How long does the task generally run, and why is the status update slow?

It is recommended to click the refresh button in the account management or task management filtering area to view the real-time update status. Task running time varies according to the number of simultaneous loading tasks, task type, and network status duration. You can further check the status in task management;

  • How is AdsPower’s batch list and function permissions assigned?

In the rights management in enterprise management, when members are added, their roles and batches are assigned. In addition, functional rights can be correspondingly selected in specific role groups;

  • Will the number of tasks be deducted after the AdsPower task fails to execute?

No, the number of remaining tasks will be deducted when the task starts to be executed. For the tasks that failed to execute, they will be returned to the account at 0:00 the next day. The specific information can be viewed in the task stream.

About Account

  • How do I change my account and password? What if I forgot my password?

Once it is confirmed that the account email cannot be changed by yourself, in special case, you can contact us for support. The password can be changed in the account information of the user’s avatar drop-down box. If you forget the password, you can contact the enterprise administrator to reset it.

  • Can I use my AdsPower account on multiple devices at the same time?

Yes, multiple members can be added under one corporate account, and different members can log in to the system in different browsers;

  • Why does it say “Your account is logged in from another device”?

A single member account can only log in to the system on one browser, and redundant login windows will be squeezed offline. The number of members varies according to the subscription package;

  • How do I delete a member’s permission role? Can they continue to use it?

In the rights management in enterprise management, you can remove members under specific roles, and then return to the list of unauthorized members after removal. The list has no functional permissions by default and cannot be used further.

About Payment

  • What is the subscription plan for AdsPower?

Under Enterprise Management-Enterprise Settings, you can see the package details of the account. Different packages are differentiated according to function permissions and number of tasks. They can be used within a month’s validity period. After use, you can purchase an overlay package (valid only during the validity period of the month), If not used up in the current period, no accumulation;

  • Can I get a refund after I subscribe to AdsPower?

AdsPower currently uses the method of purchasing recharge subscriptions. Users are advised to recharge an appropriate amount according to operational needs. The system platform does not process refunds. In special cases, you can contact the back office to resolve;

  • How to pay and what payment methods are supported?

Please contact the back office for payment. We support multiple payment methods and will update the online payment system later.

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