How To Create And Manage Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts

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How To Create And Manage Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts

With almost 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook is undeniably the most deserving social media platform for advertisements. However, Facebook has pretty strict algorithms that can find tons of reasons to render your ad illegitimate and ban your account instantly.

Can you afford to lose your prospects just because you can’t publish ads on Facebook? Luckily, having multiple ad accounts can save you. But again, using multiple Facebook Ad accounts can result in account restrictions. So, how to use multiple Facebook ad accounts without getting banned?

That’s why we are here to navigate you through the safest way to create and manage multiple ad accounts on Facebook.

Why Do You Need Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts?

Before jumping into the secrets of setting up multiple ad accounts, let's understand why you need multi-accounting. Why can't one do the tasks? Having multiple accounts can have plenty of advantages, such as

Managing Risk

As we have mentioned before, Facebook has quite good algorithms to differentiate between white-hat and black-hat advertising. In Q4 of 2022 alone, 1.3 out of 2.96 billion active accounts were banned, which shows bans are more common than you think.

If your ad is violating the terms and conditions of Facebook advertising, it is no surprise your account will be banned.

However, sometimes you are not violating any of the rules, but still, your account gets restricted. There may be a certain behavior from your side that triggers something in algorithms. But whatever the reason behind the restriction, you will be unable to post your ads.

Alternatively, when you have multi-accounting, you can simply switch to another account, and the show goes on. So you won’t suffer any losses due to that restriction because you are spreading the risks.

Expanding Your Reach

On a larger scale, having multiple ad accounts means you are now capable of expanding your reach and returns. Having multiple ad accounts allows you to target distinct demographics and run varied campaigns simultaneously.

These accounts will let you run your ads on multiple accounts in front of the same audience, increasing your chances of getting to the right people and increasing conversions.

Ways of Creating Multiple Facebook Accounts

Now that the importance is clear, you might be wondering how to make multi-accounting for Facebook ads. Currently, there are two methods for creating multiple Facebook ad accounts:


This is the safest way of creating multiple accounts. It makes use of an antidetect browser to hide your digital fingerprint and create multiple accounts. However, you need to ensure that your digital fingerprint does not reveal when you are running multiple accounts. If it’s not hidden, you can get recognized by different parameters, such as language, time, and user agent.

Therefore, you should meticulously choose your antidetect browser. Reliable antidetect browsers, such as AdsPower, change your digital fingerprints, making you seem like a different person running ads from a different device. Moreover, you won’t have to log in and out between your accounts as it carries significant risks. In contrast, you can run separate profile windows on the AdsPower anti-detect browser without any risks of getting banned.


Another method for multiple account creation is via a custom-built bot. With this automated process, you won’t have to fill out profile information. In addition, you can optimize these bots to get you through the account registration process.

Though all of this seems tempting, it is not without its drawbacks. First, building your own bots needs programming knowledge. Secondly, if you are opting for software, you need to have a great budget for that. More so, you need to be cautious as Facebook has strict policies against bots.

How To Create And Manage Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts

Settings Required to Create Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts

So now you know what is multi-accounting and how you can create multiple accounts without getting caught. However, you should be aware of all the settings needed to make this process smoother and avoid getting under the radar.

It means you should not leave any loopholes in your figurative armor that can assist in your recognition. You will have to look at proxies, browser fingerprints, cookies, and IP addresses.

IP Address And Proxies

You might probably know that IP addresses are unique identification numbers provided by your internet service provider. So, if you have created multiple accounts using the same IP address, Boom, you are caught. So you have to create multiple unique and high-quality IP addresses for each account to prevent a Facebook ad account ban.

So what should you do? you can hide your IP addresses using Facebook proxies. But all proxies are not created equal. Mobile and residential proxies are found to have better success rates as Facebook perceives them as coming from legitimate users.


If you are looking for ways to manage multiple Facebook accounts without getting banned, cookies are your biggest enemies. What’s the magic of multiple accounts? Log out of one and log into another on the same device, right? But the Facebook cookies can easily tell that you are the same users logging in from a different account. The result? Get ready to face account restriction.

So, how to avoid these cookies? Here, AdsPower's smart approach of creating an isolated environment for each browser profile comes in. Each browsing profile has different cookies, history, and other data, so Facebook won’t ever know you are switching between the accounts. if you create a separate Facebook account in a separate browser profile, you can maintain individualized cookie data, preventing cross-account contamination.

Browser fingerprints

Ever wondered how websites and platforms recognize you online? They simply check your browser fingerprints. But what is a fingerprint? It is a unique digital signature that arises from various data points collected by the websites and platforms. Your fingerprint involves factors such as screen resolution and other settings that must align for a secure online presence.

For instance, in team settings, maintaining consistency in browser fingerprint settings is crucial. Any deviations, especially in screen resolution, might raise alarms and result in account bans. That's where the secure anti-detect browser of AdsPower steps in. It ensures precise configuration of your browser settings, safeguarding your Facebook ad accounts from potential flags and keeping your online identity intact.

How To Create And Manage Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts

Tips to Manage Multiple Ad Accounts Safely

There are plenty of advantages to running multiple Facebook ad accounts. But you need to be cautious and follow best practices to avoid leaving any clues.

Here are some great tips to aid in your stealth journey:

Fill In All The Necessary Information

When we say be cautious while running multiple accounts, it does not mean you add little to no information on your other accounts. The more you add information, the more your account will seem legitimate. So add information that is as close to real-sounding information as possible but not the real one.

For instance, add a name that is not yours. Similarly, add a location that is definitely not around yours. And, of course, after going this far, you won’t want to spoil the game by using the same phone number.

How To Create And Manage Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts

Don’t Use Free Proxies

It’s tempting to use free proxies to hide your IP address, but it’s going to harm you. There are two reasons for avoiding free proxies. First, a free proxy might already be residing on Facebook’s culprit list. Someone might have already used this proxy for the same purpose. Would you want to wear a mask that was already worn by a known serial killer? Of course not.

Secondly, free proxies have many issues. Any information that you put through these proxies might get stolen. Since you intend to use them for ads, you will have to add financial information. So, a free proxy is a big “No”.

How To Create And Manage Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts

Add Different Payment Method

Adding a different payment method for your different accounts is another smart way to stay on the safer side. If you are using a credit card for your original account, don't use the same card on, in fact, the same bank for the other accounts.

But obviously, creating a different bank account would be overkill. You can go for PayPal or other digital payments. Stay informed of the payment methods and restrictions on Facebook to avoid stumbling on the wrong options.

How To Create And Manage Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts

Streamlining Ad Campaigns Across Multiple Accounts

Besides creating multiple accounts, you should streamline your campaigns to drive tangible results. Here are a few ways to monitor the performance of your multiple accounts and streamline them for better efficiency.

Utilize Facebook Pixel

Implementing the Facebook Pixel allows you to track user interactions across your websites. This data can be utilized to refine and optimize campaigns across all your ad accounts.

Adapt Targeting Strategies

Tailor your targeting strategies based on the unique characteristics of each ad account. Whether it's geographical nuances or demographic preferences, customization enhances engagement and conversion rates.

Centralized Reporting

Simplify performance analysis by using centralized reporting tools. Tools like Facebook Analytics or third-party platforms can aggregate data from multiple ad accounts, providing a comprehensive overview of your marketing efforts.


The ability to create and manage multiple ad accounts is a potent tool for businesses seeking to expand their reach in the competitive world. But the risks of getting banned linger if you do not opt for high-quality anti-detection browsers like AdsPower.

With the right approach and a reliable partner, creating and managing multiple Facebook ad accounts can be an effective component of your marketing strategy. Ready to elevate your Facebook advertising game? Contact us for multiple account creation with utmost safety.


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How To Create And Manage Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts