Mobile proxy — is it a good choice for traffic arbitrage?

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Mobile proxies are widely used in traffic arbitrage work today, as they have been shown to be an effective method for account farming, running offers, and other traffic arbitrage processes. If you're looking to scale your business, don't miss out on mobile proxies, especially if you're new to the game.

In this article, we will explain how mobile proxies work and their advantages compared to regular proxies. We hope this information will be helpful to those of you who are researching mobile proxies.

First of all, you should know something about 4G connection

Before we delve into mobile proxies, let's first take a look at the 4G connection, which serves as the foundation for mobile proxies. Essentially, a 4G connection refers to your mobile internet connection that assigns you an IP address from your mobile operator. However, it's important to note that mobile operators only allocate a limited number of IP addresses to their customers, resulting in multiple customers sharing the same IP address. Therefore, the provided IPs are not unique.

Now, you might be wondering, "Wouldn't using this type of IP address lead to mass blocking?" The answer is no. Since many people are connected to the same IP address simultaneously, platforms like Facebook and Google cannot block all addresses, even if suspicious activity is detected from one of these addresses. Doing so would harm a base of hundreds of users who also use the platform from this address.

Another advantage is that it is not static. Every time you restart your 4G connection (for example, by turning on airplane mode and then turning it off), the IP number changes, providing greater flexibility.

These features make 4G connections (as well as other mobile connections such as 3G and LTE) a secure method for multi-accounting. By blending in with thousands of other users, you become one among many, which naturally reduces the likelihood of your accounts being flagged and restricted.

Why do I need the mobile proxy if 4G connection is good enough?

Despite the security, 4G connection is apparently limited on GEO. When you use 4G, you can only use IP addresses from certain countries or regions because most operators don't support overseas mobile connections. This can make it difficult to work with platforms that have strict location requirements or GEO-specified offers. Additionally, if you travel from one country to another, you won't be able to continue working with your accounts.

This is where mobile proxies come in. Mobile proxies work just like regular proxies, but they assign you IP addresses provided by mobile operators, which means that mobile proxies have the same advantages as 4G connections mentioned above. Mobile proxies can also be configured to automatically change the IP address, and social media algorithms won't see you as an abnormal user because ordinary users change their IP addresses several times during the day with each new connection to the network or moving around the city.

How to use mobile proxies in traffic arbitrage?

Mobile proxies have various uses in traffic arbitrage. Here are some popular cases:

Mass account creation. Social networks may view the creation of multiple accounts from the same IP address as suspicious and block all of your profiles. Proxies make it simple to farm accounts. In a separate article, we discussed in detail what profile farming is and why it is necessary.

Mass following and liking on social networks. Affiliates utilize unique services to advertise accounts in this manner. However, the addresses for these services frequently lead to the ban, so the advertising ceases. To extend the work of bots or to engage in mass following and mass liking yourself without running the risk of being banned, proxies are required. However, the account itself will be banned if you go over the allotted number of likes or subscriptions, so exercise caution.

Distribution of messages and comments. In this situation, proxies with dynamic IP addresses lessen your risk of being blocked. Social networks will recognize you as a real person rather than a robot that automatically sends messages and comments to everyone in a group according to predetermined algorithms.

Wrapping up

Mobile proxies have become a popular tool for traffic arbitrage due to their security, flexibility, and ability to bypass location restrictions. For those looking to scale their business and engage in multi-accounting or mass following and liking on social media, mobile proxies should not be overlooked.


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Mobile proxy — is it a good choice for traffic arbitrage?