World Cup, crypto and antidetect browser

By AdsPower

The FIFA World Cup will commence in Qatar very soon, on November 20, 2022. What, it would seem, is the connection between such an event, which attracts football fans from all over the world, and the antidetect browser, which is used by masters from various spheres of online activities?

Big events are always in great demand, a lot of traffic and a lot of interest from a variety of people seeking to make money or to spend it. Today let's talk about what you can do during this time, how AdsPower may come in handy in this regard, and what has crypto-platforms in general to do with it.

Traffic Arbitrage

Of course, the first thing to get busy with the major media event is traffic arbitrage. The World Cup will last almost a month. A lot of content, offers, and traffic will be presented. Now there is still time to prepare all the necessary tools and test all the interesting directions. This is the time when you may achieve pretty good outcomes and do so quickly.

Arbitrators are the main users of antidetect browsers. They are the ones who know what they are doing and why. At the same time, the online advertising market never stands still, and very intriguing opportunities open up at special events of this scale. Since these occasions are rare, it is best to attend them instead of missing them and look for something fresh and suitable for you.


In this article we talked about what the mathematical basis of betting is and how AdsPower can help you profit from it. In short, there are situations where it is possible to make or not lose money on betting. However, putting the right actions into practice is never easy.

The betting market itself is impressive and peculiar. The FIFA World Cup is also a key event for all bookmakers. Accordingly, this is the best time to be as active as possible.

Bookmakers generously gift new users with various bonuses to lure them in. And with the same generosity they give out bans, or ask for a ton of paperwork before letting you withdraw anything. Therefore, when betting, you should be clearly aware of all the risks and be extremely careful and emotionally restrained.

With AdsPower you can minimize all the risks associated with the specifics of this market. If you have a sizable team, our antidetect browser will be ideal for the distribution of responsibilities. For those who are single-handedly engaged in betting, it will be highly practical to distribute risks evenly between accounts with the right number of browser profiles.


The nuances of working with cryptocurrency together with our anti-detect browser were described in this article. Additionally, here we present a conversation with one of our users, who actively uses AdsPower on the crypto market. New users are welcome to read it.

Many crypto-platforms have begun to launch their own tokens and organize various events and promotions related to the FIFA World Cup. And there is definitely money to be made here. Multi-accounting will be extremely useful in order to collect all possible bonuses.

Crypto-tokens, timed to the World Cup, with which you can bet on your favorite team's victory, are essentially the same bets, only in a different format and with a greater number of possible options. Remember that the fundamental meaning of betting is the same: the odds are stacked against you, and it's often just plain gambling.

However, "betting via crypto" has its own advantages. The betting itself can be much more transparent and reliable. In addition to betting, you can get various bonuses for inviting friends, farming and staking, creating content, and more.

On the one hand, there are more options in events and promotions that platforms run, although it will take time to understand them; on the other hand, there is less regulation and control, fewer anti-fraud systems applied, and fewer blockchains.

In addition to those tokens associated with the World Cup in Qatar, there are also many fan tokens and NFTs that will be very volatile at the time of the World Cup. And where there is volatility, there are always opportunities to make money.

Bottom line

The market for online advertising and Internet activity in general, in all its forms, does not stand still. Big media events bring a lot of stakeholders, big budgets, and, as a consequence, big opportunities for everyone. If you have any questions, we're happy to answer them here. Good luck to everyone!


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World Cup, crypto and antidetect browser