New Launch of Firefox-Based Browser

By AdsPower

Flower Browser: AdsPower's Firefox-based Browser

At AdsPower, we offer a powerful browser based on the most popular Chromium engine for managing multiple online identities. As a leader in today's antidetect industry, our steadfast dedication to masking technologies has led us further to provide with customers more options when choosing a critical tool for their businesses. Thus, we developed Flower Browser - our new Firefox-based browser.

What's the difference between Chromium and Firefox?

Differences between these two types of browser engines are actually differences between Google Chrome and Firefox Browser. Chrome and Firefox are almost neck to neck in terms of utility and portability, but if we're talking about privacy, Firefox wins.

We know that browser fingerprints are the key of online privacy as they tend to be collected by websites to identify individual users and devices. For privacy conscious users, Firefox is definitely an adorable help as it collect much fewer fingerprints than other browsers. It also blocks over 2,000 trackers, including social trackers from companies like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Other protections, like Private Browsing mode that automatically deletes your browsing information such as history and cookies, render Firefox more privacy-centric than Chrome.

How to choose

We offer a choice of both Chromium- and Firefox-based browsers in hope that users can have more options when choosing the critical tool for their businesses. It's not fair to say one is better than the other, all depending on your practical needs. The Firefox-based browser now is available in Pro subscriptions on Windows. Download AdsPower and you can select it when creating a new profile.

New Launch of Firefox-Based Browser

Sun Browser: 102 browser kernel

Our Chromium-based browser, Sun Browser, was updated to version 102. This update is based on Chrome 102 with enhancements in security, options of User Agent, and use of web apps.

Improved security

In Sun Browser 102, more precise security measures are enacted to protect users' accounts and personal data.

Wider UA options

This update offers more User Agent to choose from, meaning you can configure more unique profiles.

New Launch of Firefox-Based Browser

Better web app user experience

Developers or tech-sensitive users will be enjoying what was done to web apps in this update: reordering tabs with a keyboard shotcut, better navigation for web apps, web apps opening files, etc.

Download the latest version of the AdsPower app to explore Sun Flower 102!


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New Launch of Firefox-Based Browser