What Is Everad: An Overview of the Affliate Network

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Who we are

We are Everad – an affiliate network and direct advertiser in the nutra vertical. We’ve been operating for a decade and during this time, we’ve been entrusted by 200k webmasters and made every effort to make sure our partners succeed!

What Is Everad: An Overview of the Affliate Network

Our key focus is to offer the best conditions on the affiliate market. Thanks to in-house solutions and extensive expertise when it comes to nutra, our webmasters are always treated to excellent payouts, high approval rates and access to exclusive offers in the most relevant GEOs and niches.

We’re here today to tell you a bit more about ourselves – you’ll learn what sets us apart and what advantages we can offer our partners!

Our benefits among other nutra networks

Affiliates value Everad for its excellent conditions, having a personal relationship with every partner and a professional approach to all aspects of our work.

Partner up with us – we’re adamant you’ll also appreciate everything we have to offer:

  • An experience. Over the 10 years we’ve been active, our team has gained an enormous amount of experience. That enables us to improve various aspects of affiliate marketing: from identifying profitable niches to assisting our webmasters throughout the entire process!
  • Original offers. Everad has over 400 in-house nutra offers (the COD model). Each one is a unique original product that was verified by media-buying and worked out to the smallest detail;
  • Superb conditions. Being a direct advertiser, we offer high payouts of up to $49 per lead and excellent approval rates from our own call centers staffed by native speakers;
  • Secure payments. We process payment requests daily, with the minimum threshold set at $50. We support a multitude of payout methods, including services for quick payments using bonuses;
  • Extensive GEO coverage. Everad lets you drive traffic from over 45 GEOs in Asia, Europe and Latin America. This large selection of GEOs will help you scale comfortably, as well as test out different regions;
  • Internal tech. Everad operates on a super convenient in-house platform. This ensures you get real-time stats, protection from click loss and the ability to generate easy-to-use reports;

What Is Everad: An Overview of the Affliate Network

  • Close ties with each affiliate. Our tech support is the most amicable in the world – they aren’t just qualified professionals but also just people looking to become your friends.

Why affiliates should choose us

The key reason why people pick Everad is that being our partner is both simple and lucrative. Our entire ecosystem is original – offers, call centers, promo materials and even the platform itself that Everad is built on.

In practice, this lets out affiliates:

  • Secure some of the highest payouts for nutra offers, with an average of $49;
  • Automatically get a 20% bump to payouts thanks to our unique Boost option;

What Is Everad: An Overview of the Affliate Network

  • Drive traffic without risking to lose clicks;
  • Enjoy high approval rates thanks to 24/7 call centers;
  • Be confident in the landing pages you use and utilize the most relevant approaches.

Another reason to join us is just how focused we are on our webmasters. We are always in close contact with our affiliates thanks to our friendly support team and blog, which is full of useful material. You can also get in touch with our team in person, since we often attend various conferences and are always eager to meet our partners.

With Everad, you need not worry about payouts – we process withdrawal requests every day, with no payment-related controversies over 10 years. We support convenient financial options, from payment systems to quick payment services for affiliates.

Everad’s offers aren’t just original – they are products of exceptional quality. Our team always draws from its experience when looking for profitable niches and developing nutra offers that conquer markets. Each offer has been tested by our internal media-buying section to make sure that only fool-proof products with superb potential make their way to our webmasters.

Yet another reason to choose Everad is the dashboard feature that lets you keep track of everything. You can use it to get detailed analytics on your audience directly from our CRM, instant stats for each click and generate convenient reports. Everad also has a comfortable offer filter system and API integration capabilities. The News tab helps us keep all our affiliates informed about any offer-related changes that might occur.

What Is Everad: An Overview of the Affliate Network

An example of Everad’s audience analytics.


More than 200 thousand affiliates have already realized what sort of advantages we offer. They value us for our caring tech support, relevant offers and exclusive partnership conditions which nearly guarantee success.

Join us as well – Everad is always open to new and promising partnerships!


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What Is Everad: An Overview of the Affliate Network