AdsPower - Antidetect Browser for Professionals

By AdsPower

AdsPower is well known to many professional teams in arbitrage, advertising, cryptocurrency, betting and other online businesses. Today we'll tell you once again what makes AdsPower a professional tool trusted by hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

Professional technologies

AdsPower works on Windows and macOS without any problems and has a lot of technical advantages, which we are going to explain in detail today.

Chromium and Firefox

AdsPower provids two choices of browsers: Chromium-based and Firefox-based, which is SunBrowser and FlowerBrowser, respectively. We wrote more about them in this article.

AdsPower - Antidetect Browser for Professionals

We updated Chromium to version 102, and the Firefox-based browser is a unique offering, of which there are very few on the market. This is your additional advantage when working with AdsPower.

A wide range of browser fingerprints

AdsPower changes over 20 browser fingerprints that are customized so you don't need any extra steps for standard operation. For those for whom customization is fundamental, there are available

UserAgent data includes not only Windows and MacOS, but also Android and iOS

AdsPower - Antidetect Browser for Professionals

AdsPower - Antidetect Browser for Professionals

Support for all popular proxy protocols

AdsPower supports popular proxy protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, and Socks5. It also supports automatic proxy matching with the accuracy of country / region / city levels.

AdsPower - Antidetect Browser for Professionals

At the moment, the automatic configuration of dynamic proxy IP from Bright Data and Oxylabs is available. It will further simplify your work by allowing you to only enter the GEO you want and then automatically searching for a matched proxy in the IP pool.

AdsPower - Antidetect Browser for Professionals

High speed worldwide

Our servers cover almost every region of the world, and the closest servers are automatically selected for connectivity to ensure excellent speed.

Self-developed browser extensions

We have developed a couple of browser extensions that help with effectiveness and convenience, such as Autofill and Paste as Human.

AdsPower - Antidetect Browser for Professionals

If you can't find what you need, you can always upload an extension by uploading a zip-file of the extension or add one directly from Chrome Web Store.

AdsPower - Antidetect Browser for Professionals

Professional Service

Multilingual support (EN/RU/CN/VN)

We are always ready to help you in different languages: Englosh, Russian, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Our website is also localized for different markets, so we are always on the same page with you!

Responsive support

We will answer your unusual questions, and we will assist you or fix your problem remotely.

Great promotions for professionals.

For those who made the decision to move to AdsPower in earnest and prefer to take things seriously, there's a great promo available till the end of September, which will get you 30% off a six-month subscription and 50% off an anual subscription!

If you still have any doubts, we can help dispel them; if you have any questions, we're sure to have an answer. Welcome to follow us on social network.



AdsPower - Antidetect Browser for Professionals