What Is Multi-accounting and What Is It for?

By AdsPower

Multi-accounting, also often referred to as maintaining multiple accounts, means creating and managing more than one account on the same website. Though it's usually forbidden, or the number of accounts is severely limited, practice of multi-accounting never deceases. The reason behind it is simple - it can significantly increase income from business, and it is just a basic need in advertising and betting. That's what we're going to talk about today.

Why do you need multi-accounting

Today, the most serious, valuable websites, including blockchain, have a lot of regulations and rules, anti-fraud systems and other restrictions. The main goal is clear - the owners want to avoid botfishing and unnecessary legitimate problems, as well as to increase audience loyalty and attract quality organic traffic., which, as a consequence, leads to good advertising budgets.

Identifying multi-accounts today is very easy. If you use one browser or one device to create multiple accounts, browser fingerprints will give away the owner instantly, even a VPN or proxy IP won't help here.

At the same time, the capabilities of a single account, even with a paid premium subscription are often limited. New accounts, in general, tend to fly into bans or fall under various restrictions. Both problems, limited opportunities of one account and risks of being banned are effectively solved by multi-accounting. Multi-accounting brings more options, with the risk of bans is reduced by the large number of accounts. To avoid accounts bans, it's also important to farm accounts, or to warm up accounts. We have talked about farming accounts on LinkedIn, Facbook and Google Ads.

The main uses of multi-accounting

Here are some possibilities of multi-accounting:

‒ Bypassing the restrictions: while a single account usually faces limits on deposits and withdrawals of a certain amount of funds, these limits can be significantly expanded using multiple accounts

‒ Working with different GEOs: in 2022 it's especially important to split your business in different countries and to have a convenient tool for that

‒ Accumulation of bonuses and exclusive offers that are available to a limited number of users

In which cases can mult-accounting be used effectively?

The crypto industry

In the blockchain industry, you can collect whitelists, airdrops, tokens, or presales that are arranged for a limited number of users using multiple accounts. On platforms like Coinlist, it is possible to invest successfully with a large number of accounts. In general, the field for application is very large.


For people who are engaged in bet arbitrage, that is, find odds that guarantee a game in the plus, a large number of accounts with a confirmed identity is a basic requirement. Without a large number of accounts you can neither bet nor withdraw funds. Read more in our article.

Advertising in social networks.

This is the main tool for arbitrageurs and advertisers with large volumes. Because having only one account means you can only invest limited budget in advertising. In addition, it is extremely useful to publish the necessary comments and separate accounts from each other, so as not to get banned all at once.


Multi-accounting can be useful in many places and is even necessary. It opens more fields of activity for teams as well as for individual users. You can always get more insights from AdsPower on our social networks.



What Is Multi-accounting and What Is It for?