Dubai, UAE

Adspect offers a series of features:

Widest range of sources: Google Ads, Facebook, TikTok Ads, Microsoft Ads, Yahoo Gemini, popunder, push notifications, email, SMS, and whatnot.

Detection of Google Safe Browsing, Confiant, Adsecure, antivirus bots, and similar services.

JS fingerprinting technology for detection of moderators and bots using residential and mobile proxies, including manual reviews using Luminati and GeoSurf proxies.

Vast built-in IP address blocklists counting more than 2 billion IPv4 addresses and countless IPv6 addresses across thousands of networks you do not need to collect your own blocklists to do the job.

All major rival cloakers attached by API as built-in filters used in addition to Adspect's own ones. Filtering databases of some of them scraped by extensive probing.

True VLAmachine learning technology for JS fingerprint analysis based on discrete Bayes classifier and control theory.

A dozen of page display options, including reverse proxy which allows you to mirror external websites on your own domain while preserving navigation.

Built-in tracker for conversion tracking, A/B testing, funnel building, collecting blacklists/whitelists.

Built-in safe page generators from our Comsign partners: automatic generation of blogs, app landers based on Google Play market, and even complete Wordpress websites.

REST API for automated programmatic campaign management, and click API for in-app cloaking (both App Store and Google Play supported).








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