Farming Facebook Accounts

By AdsPower

Hi everyone, today we want to share some useful information about what account farming is, why we need it, and how to farm accounts in 2022 on Facebook. Spoiler alert: it's gotten harder.

Farming or account warming - what it is?

In short, it's a process of increasing an account's reputation in the eyes of antifraud systems. On many sites, the function that is available for a particular account depends on how much this account can be trusted by the system. Today let's talk about farming accounts on Facebook, where it is particularly valuable.

Why do you need to farm or warm up accounts on Facebook?

Without it, you can't even spend very small amounts of money on advertising, and many advertising creatives won't pass the checks and will be blocked. The checks themselves are also time-consuming.

By making the account look more like a real person's account, we're expanding our options for advertising activity. In addition, accounts with a really high degree of reliability have a post-payment option.

It is important to understand that the principles of bypassing systems are based on the experience of numerous trials and errors, from which the corresponding patterns are derived. There are no secrets in them, rather it can be called a built logical chain. In this case, no algorithm is a guarantee of results. In a word - try it!

The logic of action is simple. The system knows how new users behave. Do not try to bypass it - it is worth convincing it that you are a newcomer who is just learning the situation. In this way you will gradually get out from being under suspicion.

What do you need to prepare?

1. A complete profile of a real person: photo, personal information, phone number, date of birth, password, mail and bank card.

2. An IP address that matches the profile.

3. An anti-detect browser, such as AdsPower (

4. Time and patience.

The principles of account warming

All photos and texts that you prepare must be unique. The more unique they are, the more trust you get from the system.

It is important to know the measurement and not to overdo it.

Do not hurry and work according to a timeline.

Don't change behavioral patterns on the same account.

Don't confuse the accounts and the information on them!

Remember: you are imitating the behavior of a newcomer. A person seeing the Facebook interface for the first time won't be able to find all the functions he needs in a couple of seconds.

Here's how it works:

1. First you need to register. It's better not to do it directly, but through third-party sites that support Facebook login.

2. You need to create basic content for the new account: stories, posts, likes, and page views.

3. Add people close to your chosen region as friends. It's better if people add themselves as your friends. Obvious fake accounts do not need to be added.

4. Authorize on several third-party sites using Facebook.

5. Click on the ads Facebook offers and take simple actions there.

6. Create a Fan Page and start putting neutral activity into it.

Stretch out this whole process so that the actions are similar to a real person, without any drastic actions. The whole process should take 4-7 days, during this time, there is no need to go to the ads account.

After that, you can start doing promotional activities. First, make a few neutral posts and promote them. You can run ads for reach and video views with a minimal budget.

On day 10, develop a creative that you want to promote through the ads account and try to promote it through the Fan Page. That way you can see if the creative will pass. If it gets banned, most likely it won't go through the ads account.

There is also a riskier method - intentionally get banned from Facebook's advertising activity and then send the documents for verification with the name you specified in the account. If you pass this check, your account's reputation will immediately improve.

After all these steps, you can start pouring your ads. Of course, but one account is hardly worth hoping for, so it is better to warm up a large number of them at once.

If you do not have a large number of phones and computers, and you do not want to spend a lot of time on the various settings, then you must use the anti-detect browser. It will mimic your device data, it's easy to use, and each of your accounts will be protected and not connected in any way to other accounts.

You can read more about one of the anti-detect browsers AdsPower here.

A few more features

You can increase activity in your account by sending messages from a girl's page in a dating or political public forum with an explicit opinion that differs from that of the majority.

To pay, you will have to use a card that is issued in the region of your choice. Sometimes virtual cards go through. If you can't get a card, you can use the service of intermediaries.

Everyone is different, but the actions of a real person are usually consistent. So do not abruptly change the model of your behavior.

Good luck!


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Farming Facebook Accounts