Interview With Cryptomus: Crypto as a Stable and Reliable Payment Method in the Real World Economy

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Crypto as a payment method has spread and been adopted by many businesses in recent years. Today we are going to share an interview we had with our partner, Cryptomus. Cryptomus is a cryptocurrency payment service for business and personal use. It’s an all-in-one solution that provides users with everything they need to get started in the world of crypto.

We can’t convey what Cryptomus offers with just a few words. Let’s hear what they have to say about themselves!

What is Cryptomus, and how was it created?

Cryptomus is a multi-functional platform that allows your business to accept crypto payments.

It is easy to integrate Cryptomus into your platform of any kind, including a website, a bot, an app, or any other project. The system has features such as Auto-convert and Auto-withdrawal and products like P2P trading, crypto wallets, and many others.

So how did we come to create Cryptomus? Once, a group of crypto enthusiasts got tired of using multiple crypto platforms for different operations and decided to create a service that would meet all the needs of those who use crypto for business.

How is Cryptomus special? What are the unique features you provide for your customers?

The uniqueness of Cryptomus is that the platform is an all-rounder. The system combines everything you need to successfully accept payments for your business and to comfortably operate crypto in one place.

Talking about unique features of the payment gateway specifically, there are such outstanding features as auto-convert and auto-withdrawal that are here to make the merchant experience even better.

Crypto services are considered to have high risks. How has Cryptomus built trust with its users?

In addition to protecting our users with enhanced security features such as 2-factor authentication, whitelisting, PIN codes, and many others, we also provide protection by being a custodial service.

Being centralized means that we are fully responsible for the storage of our customers' private keys and are prepared to compensate for losses if something goes wrong.

Crypto payments and integration into the real-world economy seem complicated; does Cryptomus help to make all the details clear?

Absolutely! Our main goal is to show that crypto can not only be used for illegal transactions but also has all the means to become a stable and reliable means of payment in the real world economy.

Any achievements for the Cryptomus team so far and plans for the near future?

There are definitely things to be proud of, but our biggest achievements this year are new sophisticated features, including staking, P2P, conversion, and cross chain fixes. And spot trading, as well as blockchain explorer. We are also happy that our platform has gained +1700% in recognition! Isn't that great?

Our future plans are a big secret, but to spice it up a bit - where is the PoS software coming soon? For more news, please follow our Telegram channel! ;)


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Interview With Cryptomus: Crypto as a Stable and Reliable Payment Method in the Real World Economy