Updates as You Asked — Proxy Management, Disable Images and RPA Discounts

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At AdsPower we always love to receive feedback from users on the browser, including what they think is good and what they hope to see. That's how we learned to develop Proxy Management and the setting Disable loading images and videos, which we are going through in this article, as well as thrilling RPA discounts.

Proxy Management

Users who need to use a bunch of proxies for running multiple accounts would find it convenient to manage so many proxies from one place. That's why we added the Proxy Management feature to smoothen your work.

With Proxy Management you can add proxies in batch by entering proxy information in required formats -- 100 proxies at a time! When filling in the information, you can directly check the connection of all proxies. You can also edit the information of each proxy after that or check the connection again.

When you are actually using dozens or even hundreds of proxies, it would be better to add notes to each of them. Then you can find proxies you need by filtering proxy ID, proxy type and/or notes.

By adding proxies in the Proxy Management section, you have succcessfully added proxies to the Proxy List. When creating a new profile, instead of filling in the proxy information once again, you can simply select it from the Proxy List.

This, of course, will not be the only practical moments you can expect from Proxy Management. In the coming weeks we will optimize the functionality, especially batch management, such as batch check proxy (after proxies are added) and batch delete — all was asked by users.

RPA discount and expanded processes

It's been a year since the launch of our unique, powerful RPA robot that is liked by thousands of our customers. So we want to celebrate with all of you! Besides that the amount of processes that can be included in a subscription was increased to 500, super discounts are available now:

  • Up to 75% off the Points Package


  • Up to 50% off the Duration Package


Disable loading images and videos

This new feature aims to help users save bandwidth, be it proxy bandwidth or cellular bandwidth, by disabling the browser's loading images and videos. It's recommended not to disable images less than 10KB to ensure loading of graphical verification like CAPTCHA.


Permission Management Update

We elaborated the permissions of Group Management and RPA robot.



Other opinions? Welcome!

We are looking forward to getting more feedback, which never fails to inspire us to improve both the product itself and our service. Feel free to let us know your thoughts through online support or follow us on social networks.

And — all updates mentioned above are available in the latest version. Visit the download page to get it.

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