Profile Warehouse and Why You Need It

By AdsPower

Are you struggling to decide whether to delete profiles that you are not using for a while? Are you having trouble exporting your profiles? With the help of Profile Warehouse, you’ll no longer have to worry about these problems!

Profile Warehouse is a place in AdsPower where you can archive groups of profiles, freeing up space for more profiles.

Profile Warehouse and Why You Need It

What problems will occur in multi-account management?

It’s vital for people who manage a bunch of profiles, especially affiliate marketers and account farmers, to archive their profiles. Some profiles may be important but not need to be accessed or modified frequently (if at all). What would possibly happen if you simply leave them in the Profile Management panel?

  • Space is running out! Number of profiles that you can create within your plan is limited. If you don’t put away the profiles that are currently not in use, you won’t be able to create more profiles.

  • It seems like a great idea to export the data of those profiles. But it’s just not convenient at all, is it? Let alone the situation, where you might get overlong cookies and incomplete fingerprints when exporting the profiles.

What are the benefits of using Profile Warehouse?

Archiving profiles will not change anything, instead, it provides additional benefits:

  • After archiving, space for new profiles will be freed up. You need not to upgrade your package to extend the limits of profiles again and again, which means the cost can be significantly reduced.

  • Exporting profiles will not be necessary. You could restore them whenever you want and all profile information remains the same.

How to use Profile Warehouse?

It should be noted that both archiving and restoring profiles is done in Group Management but not Profile Management. AdsPower supports archiving and restoring more than one group at one time.

How to archieve groups of profiles:

Profile Warehouse and Why You Need It

How to restore profiles:

Profile Warehouse and Why You Need It

You can check the status of groups. It helps quickly find the groups you need to work with.

Profile Warehouse and Why You Need It

Easy job! Then what about the price?

You can store up to 100,000 profiles in the Profile Warehouse, with each group of no more than 10,000 profiles. It only costs $0.01/mon. for each profile!

Profile Warehouse stores your profile data securely and guarantees data availability so you can maintain your business operations and improve the chances of growing your business.

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Profile Warehouse and Why You Need It