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Recently, one anti-detect browser had a leak of the cloud storage of browser profiles. The total number of compromised browser profiles is about 15%. But in our industry, every account has its value. If the software breaks down, accounts will be banned or even snatched by the scammers, ending up in further losses, losses, losses. So, given the data insecurity in another anti-detect browser, now we need another stable anti-detect browser to better protect our accounts.

Why AdsPower?

AdsPower ranks first in the world in terms of user scale. It has already gained the trust of more than 800,000 users worldwide, currently more than 10 million accounts on different platforms are managed in AdsPower. In addition, AdsPower servers are located all over the world to ensure uninterrupted access for users from all regions of the world. The browser's popularity is based on its power.

In AdsPower, we try to follow exactly the principles of security. We maintain the quality of our product, work on updates and improvements does not stop. Working with AdsPower, you'll find that:

- The entire functionality of the browser works stably and quickly, and updates occur without any interruptions

- Security and leak protection both inside and outside the team is maintained at a high level

- Prices remain at an extremely pleasant level, and special conditions for large teams do not change

- Tech. support works constantly

- We treat clients and partners as close friends. We are always glad to see everyone.

Security of accounts in AdsPower

The entire AdsPower team has been helping customers take care of your data and accounts for years. There are many security measures in AdsPower when using the browser. Spending a little time to make some settings, and you will be able to secure your valuable resources as much as possible.

To begin with, let's look at the available options in the Global Settings. Here you can:

1) Install two-factor authentication. It is slightly different from the common authentication using Google Authenticator. This method is slightly less secure, but much more convenient. Important: do not forget to create different passwords for accounts on different sites!

The Safest Anti-detect Browser AdsPower

2) Add the IP addresses from which you log into your account to the white list of IP addresses.

The Safest Anti-detect Browser AdsPower

3) Set a login notification from another device. To do this, enable the Remote Login Reminder function. With this feature, a message will be sent to your mailbox if the IP from which you logged in to your account is different from the one you often use.

The Safest Anti-detect Browser AdsPower

Please note that the letter must come from an official AdsPower mailbox!

It will look like this:

The Safest Anti-detect Browser AdsPower

You can also turn off a separate feature, such as Delete profiles in settings menu to prevent accidental or intentional deletion of account information.

The Safest Anti-detect Browser AdsPower

AdsPower from all directions takes measures to protect your accounts, one of which is protection against multiple login attempts. Another point should be to pay extra attention when logging in.

Once again, make sure that your password is secure enough. Avoid both simple passwords and repetitive passwords with other sites. Change your password to a new or more complex one if you haven't already done so.

The Safest Anti-detect Browser AdsPower

Bonuses for those who came from other antidetect browsers

Someone worsens conditions and raises prices, AdsPower gives even more gifts and opens up for closer cooperation and interaction.

We are launching an offer for those who want to work together with AdsPower for a long time, to be sure of a high-quality, stable product and an excellent price. When switching from a subscription of any other antidetect browser to AdsPower, we will take the rest of the period into account, and we will also select a personal advantageous offer for you. The promotion is limited in time, and the conditions are discussed individually.

Thus, AdsPower is the safest anti-detect browser. We will be happy to help anyone who wants to develop with us. Write to us and we will definitely get back to you.

Good luck!


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The Safest Anti-detect Browser AdsPower