The Wolf of Everad is in full swing

By AdsPower

Now is the best time to take part in the biggest competition of 2023 – The Wolf of Everad🐺

There’s still a couple of months until the finals, you still have time to take part in the giveaway!

Drive traffic, amass Evers and car-jack sick hot rides from out autopark:

🏎️ Porsche Carrera T

🚗 Mercedes-Benz C Class

🚙 Mini Cooper

Our friends at Everad are also raffling away other top-tier prizes – a Rolex watch, a PS5+PSVR 2 and a bunch of Apple tech🤑

Find out how you can win The Wolf of Everad!

How does The Wolf of Everad work?

The Wolf of Everad is a race, with each of our webmasters taking part in it. The race launched on 02.05.23, from that moment on, all partners for each approved lead began to receive Evers – points for our competition.

The number of Evers you get depends on the GEO and competition quarter. Each GEO and quarter has its own rates, the number of leads is multiplied by them – this is how we calculate the number of Evers you made.

For example, the current quarter coefficient is 1, and the GEO coefficient is 2. A webmaster securing 100 leads will get 200 Evers. Just use the following formula:

Number of approvals*GEO coefficient*quarter coefficient = number of Evers.

Current rates can be accessed via the link.

The total number of Evers you get will determine which leaderboard you’ll make it on to:

  • Powerful Wolves: Top 10;
  • Brave Lions: Top 25;
  • Hungry Sharks: Top 50;
  • Strong Bears: Top 100;
  • Participants: anyone below the Top 100.

Every quarter, Top members will get a chance to secure quarterly prizes. The winners are determined randomly, while the prize you get depends on the particular leaderboard.

For example, in the 1st quarter, Brave Lions stood to win a MacBook Pro 13, while Powerful Wolves – a MacBook Pro 16.

2 weeks before the competition ends, we’ll lock the leaderboards and invite our participants to attend the final giveaway. Over the next week, Evers can be exchanged for giveaway coupons with the following value-points:

  • 100 Evers – to take part in the general giveaway, available to all;
  • 300 Evers – to take part in the giveaway for the Top 100;
  • 500 Evers – to take part in the giveaway for the Top 50;
  • 1,000 Evers – to take part in the giveaway for the Top 25;
  • 5,000 Evers – to take part in the giveaway for the Top 10;

Keep in mind that you need to be part of the Top category for which you intend to purchase coupons. Meaning that only the 10 best webmasters will be able to participate in the Top 10 giveaway.

The purchased tickets must be placed in the lottery drum for the final drawing, which will take place on 02.02.24 – that’s when we’ll reveal our ultimate winners to ride away on their new set of wheels!

Available prizes

The prizes you can get are directly determined by your leaderboard and the stage of the competition. The closer a webmaster is to the #1 spot and the less time left until the final giveaway, the more valuable the prizes!

Prizes for the Powerful Wolves:

  • Final prize: Porsche 911 Carrera T;
  • Guaranteed prize for the best webmaster: Rolex GMT-Master 2;
  • 1st quarter prize: MacBook Pro 16;
  • 2nd quarter prize: IPhone 15 Pro;
  • 3rd quarter prize: Apple Watch Hermes.

Prizes for the Brave Lions:

  • Final prize: Mercedes-Benz C-Class;
  • 1st quarter prize: MacBook Pro 13;
  • 2nd quarter prize: IPhone 15;
  • 3rd quarter prize: Apple Watch Series 8.

Prizes for the Hungry Sharks:

  • Final prize: Mini Cooper 5-door;
  • 1st quarter prize: MacBook Air M1;
  • 2nd quarter prize: IPad Air;
  • 3rd quarter prize: Apple Watch SE.

Prizes for the Strong Bears:

  • Final prize #1: PS5+PSVR 2;
  • Final prize #2: Mac Studio + Apple Studio Display;
  • Final prize #3: Omega Seamaster Diver Watch;
  • 1st quarter prize: Mac Mini;
  • 2nd quarter prize: IPad 10;
  • 3rd quarter prize: Apple AirPods 3.

Prizes for the remaining participants:

  • MacBook Pro 13;
  • IPhone 15 Pro;
  • AirPods Max.

Join Everad, choose the GEO with the best coefficients, drive traffic and collect Evers.

Climb your way up to the Top 100, win quarterly prizes and get a ticket to the final giveaway – if you’re lucky, you’ll go home in a brand new car!


What if I’m not able to attend to the final giveaway?

- You can take part and enter your tickets remotely, via online broadcast.

Who is eligible for participation?

- All registered Everad webmasters with the exception of Everad employees and the internal media-buying section;

How do I exchange my Evers for coupons before the giveaway?

- Your manager will do it a week after we lock the leaderboards.

How many prizes can I get?

- During the final giveaway – only one. The best webmaster will also take home a guaranteed prize.

Where can I read the rules?

- Follow this link.

Need more info?

Head on over to the competition website and find out all the details about The Wolf Of Everad🐺


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The Wolf of Everad is in full swing