AdsPower's 5th Anniversary Sale

By AdsPower

Our biggest event of the year, the AdsPower Anniversary Sale, will happen again in March! Apart from discounts on subscriptions, we will hold an X contest with a cashback prize! Read on for more information.

Save money on subscriptions

As we always do to celebrate our anniversary, we offer discounts on all subscriptions:

💰 10% off the 90-day subscription

💰 15% off the 180-day subscription

💰 50% off the 360-day subscription

Participate in the X contest to win a prize

During the anniversary sale, you will have the chance to earn a cashback bonus by participating in our X contest.

All you will need to do is make a post on X (formerly Twitter) and use the hashtag #AdsPower or tag us @AdsPowerBrowser, then copy the post link and paste it in the designated place. When the post is verified as qualified by us, a $5 bonus will be sent to your AdsPower account within 24 hours.

Simple, right? Don’t hesitate to give it a go!

Sale period

The anniversary sale will start on March 1 and extend throughout the month of March. Stay tuned for the beginning, and don’t miss the biggest discounts of the year!


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AdsPower's 5th Anniversary Sale