Looking for traffic on Pinterest: Features and Opportunities

By AdsPower

The main resource for making money in traffic arbitrage is quality traffic. We have already written about how to work with Facebook, LinkedIn, and VK. Today we'll talk about Pinterest, an excellent resource in the English-speaking segment. Let's look at its features and what opportunities you can get on it for working with traffic.

Pinterest is a popular platform for finding various ideas and visualizations in many parts of the world, particularly in English-speaking regions. Pinterest is a very promising social network for growth in a variety of niches. These are typically commodities, as well as information products, brands, and blogs. It's enough to go to the site and look around for a few minutes to see what it's good for.

Some statistics

Pinterest has 463 million monthly visits from all regions of the world, up 7% from the previous year, according to the most recent data (May 2023). It is firmly positioned among the world's second top ten social networks.

The majority of users are from the United States, Canada, and Europe. Females account for nearly 80% of all users. Pinterest users watch about a billion videos per day and conduct about 5 billion searches per month, 97% of which are unrelated to brands. All of this makes Pinterest an excellent platform for collaborating with Western markets.

Features of Pinterest

Pinterest, like all social networks, has its own algorithms and features. Although you do not need followers to promote on Pinterest, the average "lifespan" of a pin is longer than that of content on Facebook, Tiktok, or Twitter. Furthermore, Pinterest allows you to post links under any pin.

Individual photos (pins) are organized into themes-based groups or rubrics (boards). Search queries can be used to find posted pins, boards, and company pages. Interesting content here quickly spreads.

You can create and join group boards here for free, and reach a large thematic audience. You can use third-party tools to search for these boards and keep track of statistics. And the most recent trends can be tracked directly on the site.

You can successfully promote your independent online stores, links to e-commerce sites, blogs, and infoproducts, as well as almost any affiliate link on Pinterest.

Is it possible to do traffic arbitrage on Pinterest?

Yes, and there are numerous methods for attracting traffic.

You can create a business account and use it to post paid pins. However, you must adhere to all community rules and post only the "sponsored" pins. If you do not follow the rules, not only will your account be banned, but so will your IP address and the fingerprints of your browser. It's better to use anti-detection browser AdsPower to avoid a string of bans and quietly test different niches. That way, you can get used to it quickly and begin developing your business on Pinterest without wasting time.

You can also take advantage of Pinterest Ads, which target every other active user on the site. You can directly add links to your regular pins. Rich Pins (detailed pins) can be pinned to third-party sites. SEO promotion of your own offerings or the brands of your clients is also popular.

Remember that mobile devices account for the majority of your traffic, so your page should be optimized for them.

Account farming

Like everywhere else, in addition to spam, multi-accounting is also forbidden on Pinterest. However, it is possible to complain about each pin, and complaints are handled fairly quickly.

This place has its own "rules of the game" for dealing with accounts. Below are some basic tips for farming accounts from scratch:

  • When creating accounts, it's better to use a realistic name and attach an avatar that matches your theme;
  • A basic warm-up should last at least 3-5 days, during which time you don't need to leave links to the product you're promoting;
  • After creating accounts, you need to create 2-3 boards a day, attach 30-50 pins to them. Make 5-10 comments, follow 20-30 people, and repin their work. One account should be focused on no more than 2 or 3 topics.

After that, you can add links to the promoted products, but only once every ten pins. It is critical to time the publication of the pins themselves. A good pin rate is 10-30 pins per day, or 2 pins every hour. It is preferable to publish during the daytime hours of the market you are targeting.

All routine pin work can be delegated to AdsPower's built-in automation, or you can use third-party services.


Pinterest is a great promising platform for working with the English-speaking world. Its audience is extremely solvent and growing steadily. In comparison to competing social networks, one pin can last a very long time. Pinterest can be a significant growth point in your business if approached correctly. AdsPower will assist you in managing multiple accounts at once without the risk of being banned, as well as automating many routine tasks when working with pins.



Looking for traffic on Pinterest: Features and Opportunities