Multi-accounting with AdsPower in the Crypto Industry

By AdsPower

AdsPower is a multifunctional antidetect browser. In addition to advertising and farming account, you can find a lot of interests in it. Today we'll analyze an interesting case of multi-accounting in the crypto industry and share one user’s opinion on the useful issues of AdsPower and why he likes it.

The importance of the anti-detect browser

The main goal of any business is to create and increase profits, revenues. In industries that can benefit from anti-detect browser, this can be achieved by saving time and costs, or by quantitative or qualitative growth of your business.

Qualitative growth is fundamentally important where the value of each account is high. On some platforms, however, it's almost impossible to "boost" an account by foraging for additional limits or privileges. In these cases, the only option left is multi-accounting. In other words, you need to have as many accounts as possible, register them as soon as possible, and manage them effortlessly.


The crypto market is the place where multi-accounting is especially relevant. Although it is going through a bearish cycle right now, there is still a lot of space for earning and development. And it is better to prepare for the next cycle by learning new skills in advance.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges have different restrictions for accounts, usually related to the amount of cryptocurrencies available for transactions. Despite the decentralized blockchain, most projects in the cryptosphere remain more or less centralized. Therefore, anti-fraud systems based on browser fingerprint recognition are also ubiquitous.

So what to do? That's right, to use an anti-detect browser with unique fingerprints for each account. This will help to avoid bans. And with the help of automation and user-friendly interface you can stream multaccounting. Both of these aspects are well implemented in AdsPower.

One of the platforms where you can use multiple accounts effectively is CoinList. It's an "early start" site for crypto projects that raise funding. The main limitation on each account here is the available limits of funds that can be invested in the project. With AdsPower this limitation is bypassed quite easily - a bunch of accounts created in a short period of time and you can get started.

User Opinion

We talked to one of our long-term users who wanted to remain anonymous. He agreed to share his experience of managing over 1,000 accounts on Coinlist using AdsPower.

The main thoughts in our conversation:

He gave our browser high praise and noted the key point - AdsPower 100% fulfills the task of multi-accounting. Indeed, what else is needed?

Of course, you also need a good price. We talked about that, too. As our guest noted, AdsPower has extremely favorable packages, among which you can choose what suits you, based on your experience, team and amounts. The pay-off period is so short that it is unnoticeable when you are active.

Besides the convenience, he mentioned the interface of our browser, the possibility of customization and flexible settings, as well as the access to the account by users.

What's interesting, in his opinion, is the RPA function, which allows you to automate all of your work. With RPA you can automate just every operation, which will save you and your team a lot of time.

Among the objective problems are the limitations that come with Windows. Even if the computer itself pulls a large number of accounts that are opened at the same time, Windows won't let you any more.

We are certainly happy about this feedback. If you also want to share your experience or opinion with us, we are always in touch!


Anti-detect browser can help you, your business or personal income multiply through quantitative or qualitative progress of your actions. One of the prospective directions of development continues to be the crypto market. You can always contact us for technical details or any advice.

We wish you good luck!



Multi-accounting with AdsPower in the Crypto Industry