2023/05 (v5.4.20)

2023/06/06 16:21:18


  • Updated the WebGL metadata library: added WebGL vendor for macOS.

  • Updated browser kernels Chrome 112/111/108

    1. Compatible with Android/iOS User-Agent

    2. Optimized matching logics for Canvas fingerprint

    3. Fixed the black screen issue caused by data incompatibility between different OS

    4. Account and password autofill available for subdomains

  • Hardware concurrency

    1. Options: added news options “20” and “24”

    2. Random: when creating a new profile, a hardware concurrency will be randomly assigned to this profile

  • Improved browser startup


  • Optimization: support synchronization across popup windows


  • UI optimization

    1. Secondary page: Support "back" to the previous page.

    2. Pop-ups: shortcut key “ESC” for closing pop-ups

  • Compatible with Luminati’s IP library; applicable to “Luminati” and “Lumauto” proxy types

  • More payment methods supported: PicPay and AME

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