Virtual Numbers and Antidetect Browser: The Convenient Access to Resources All Over the World.

By AdsPower

Mailing lists have existed since the early days of ICQ. Let's face it: as soon as the Internet became widely available, people began looking for ways to profit from it. This is where the professions of Internet marketers, target marketers, and social media marketing specialists arose. It is also the birthplace of traffic arbitrage and blogging. Today, we'll figure out what virtual numbers are for and how to use them effectively with AdsPower in collaboration with our partners at SMS-Activate.

What are virtual numbers and why do they exist?

Virtual numbers are phone numbers that you can use for a set period of time to perform basic functions.

Here are a few examples of how you can put them to use:

● A second account may be required for business purposes or to communicate anonymously.

● Creating a second account in the app or on the marketplace website can provide you with welcome bonuses, promo codes, and additional cashback.

● Registering for a phone number in another country, in conjunction with a proxy or VPN, will allow you to create an account with the correct geolocation, circumvent blocking, or purchase services at a lower cost.

● You can use the referral link from another account if you get referrals.

● You can quickly grow your group and gain subscribers and likes by creating a network of accounts. Accounts can also be bought and sold on the exchange.

● Mailing in social media with accounts that aren't afraid to get banned.

Multi-accounting is a useful method in a variety of situations. The value of accounts rises in tandem with the advancement of antifraud systems.

Different types of service

There are an increasing number of services that can be used to circumvent the system's rules. There are additional types of verification. However, the functionality made available by virtual numbers does not stop and continues to grow.

The SMS-Activate team keeps an eye on trends and adapts its services to the current situation. The following services are available for various types of verifications:


That's not bad for a one-time SMS and activation of an account. A number for 20 minutes is ideal for quick registration in this case. Such numbers start at 1 ruble, depending on the service and country, and the process can be automated — more on that later in this article.


You can rent a phone number for a period of up to several weeks. Suitable for important accounts that require constant access. If you connect the call forwarding service, you can receive calls to the rented number at the same time.


When a user does not want to specify a real number in an online listing, this service is most commonly used. You can rent multiple numbers at once for different advertisements; calls will be redirected to the number you prefer. In addition to convenience, you will be able to track the effectiveness of various channels and advertisements.

Voice call verification

This method of verification limits the ability to register multiple accounts. WhatsApp, Yandex.Market, and other large services use it. However, there is a workaround: you purchase a virtual number, but instead of the code in your personal account, the last digits of the incoming call are displayed, which you must enter to confirm.

API key and affiliate software

If you're used to large-scale work and require mass account registration, you'll need process automation. With automation functionality, you can integrate your own or partner software and, in addition to registrations, automatically fill out a profile, send invitations, and add friends.

Security and virtual numbers

First, let's talk about the security of your personal information. Personal user data – phones, emails, and the services you use – is a valuable resource that is constantly fought over by hook or by crook.

If your information is stolen or sold, you will at best receive advertising calls and newsletters. At worst, there is the risk of losing all assets. The anonymity provided by virtual numbers is a significant benefit.

Furthermore, it is critical to use virtual numbers correctly and to understand that others will have access to them. Remember to protect your accounts; the anti-detect browser AdsPower will assist you. We explained what to do and how to do it here.

AdsPower not only provides all of the necessary security tools, but it is also convenient to store all of the information in one location. This is critical when dealing with a large amount of constantly changing information.

Of course, AdsPower allows you to create such browser profiles, which, when combined with the selected numbers, will not appear suspicious to antifraud systems.

If you still have questions, as always, we will be happy to help.


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Virtual Numbers and Antidetect Browser: The Convenient Access to Resources All Over the World.