2023/07 (v5.7.4)

2023/08/01 11:03:56


  1. FlowerBrowser: Added Firefox 114 kernel for macOS version.

  2. User-Agent: Added Firefox 114.

[Profiles management]

  1. Adding, replacing, and clearing tags in bulk is now supported. (Path: More - Select tags)

  2. Import / export / update: Added "State / Province" and "City" fields for rotating proxies.

[Proxies section]

  1. Added IP checker for checking IP geolocations.

  1. Operations:

    • Added an operation "Copy from Clickboard".

    • Added an option "Random number" for "Input".

    • Enabled naming the screenshot with a variable for "Screenshot".

  2. Process management: Enabled exporting the RPA processes.


  1. Optimized the logics of "Text input" to solve the low typing speed issue..


  1. Action logs: Added a type "Update" in the Profiles menu.

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