RPA Updates in AdsPower: Faster and More Efficient

By AdsPower

Automation of all types of work is the way of the future. AdsPower, for its part, is working hard to develop the most convenient and profitable product for automating actions within its own antidetect browser.

On the one hand, such a product should be simple enough that even someone who has never written a line of code in their life can understand RPA automation. On the other hand, it should be economically feasible. So AdsPower offers very reasonable prices to all of its users.

What is RPA automation and how to use it?

In a nutshell, it is the automation of processes through the use of bot actions. You create an algorithm of actions, which are then executed automatically. This frees up a significant amount of time and reduces the amount of routine work.

Working with RPA in AdsPower is a straightforward process:

  1. Determine which actions should be automated;

  2. Choose an automation template from the available options or create your own;

  3. Purchase a points package or a duration package;

  4. Run the automation and concentrate on more creative tasks.

This article goes into great detail about RPA automation. Today, let's take a look at what updates we've released and what DISCOUNTS we've prepared!

What's new?

Enhanced payment algorithm

RPA points payment format has been improved. For technical reasons, the bot may not perform the targeted action at all or may perform it incorrectly. If the target action is not completed, the points will not be deducted. The Task Details section contains all of the information for each action.

Debugging function

We've included a debugging function, which is convenient to verify that the entire algorithm starts and functions properly, and that there are no errors in the process. To do so, open the process and select the Debug option. Following that, you must enter the account ID, which can be found in the Profiles menu. There will be no points deducted for this.

RPA Updates in AdsPower: Faster and More Efficient

Ability to share automation templates

You can now create your own sharing code and use it to share automation templates with others. Other users will be able to use your sharing code to access the template.

You can generate a code to transfer the template and configure it correctly in the menu. Please keep in mind that only the account with the administrator rights can create the code; for other members, you must be manually granted access to the ability to create the code by administrators.

RPA Updates in AdsPower: Faster and More Efficient

All users can use templates, but the code creation feature is only available to active paid accounts (Base and Pro). Furthermore, AdsPower have already prepared some commonly used templates. Get what you need using the following codes:

1. Templates for Facebook

  • Like posts

  • Comment on posts

  • Publish posts

Sharing code: F0xxI7Xm

2. Templates for Twitter

  • Like posts

  • Comment on posts

Sharing code: PjAMGIia

3. Template for Amazon

  • Randomly add two items to the cart

Sharing code: Q8qsMUdI

RPA templates marketplace

We just launched the official AdsPower store with RPA templates, where even more free automation templates will be available. In the future, we intend to add particularly cool templates, as well as provide our users with the ability to upload their own templates for sale.

RPA Updates in AdsPower: Faster and More Efficient

Special discounts

We've decided to offer discounts on RPA payments as part of the big Black Friday sale started earlier this month.

You can save up to 80% on points packages and up to 60% on duration packages. The details of the discounts can be viewed directly in your browser.

These discounts are now available when purchasing RPA automation points:

RPA Updates in AdsPower: Faster and More Efficient

As well as when purchasing duration packages:

RPA Updates in AdsPower: Faster and More Efficient


Every day, the entire AdsPower team works hard to improve the functionality of our antidetect browser in order to provide users with the best product at the best price. The automation features are growing, while the prices remain low, especially during Black Friday!

We recommend that everyone who hasn't yet mastered the automation tests do so. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact us. Best wishes!


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RPA Updates in AdsPower: Faster and More Efficient