2023/10 (v5.9.14)

2023/11/01 17:46:24


  1. SunBrowser: Updated to the Chrome 118 kernel to improve the compatibility between the UA and the kernel

  2. User-Agent: Updated to the 118 version


  1. Account information: Introduced "2FA key manager" for auto-filling 2FA verification codes

  2. Extension settings: It's possible to add various extensions to each profile.


  1. Extension categories: It's possible to categorize extensions

  2. New extension "AdsPower Authenticator": It allows auto-filling credentials to save you the trouble


  1. Text: Introduced a new typing method, "Designated", for Designated text

  2. Windows: Introduced a new layout, "Overlapped"

[Action logs]

  1. Profiles: Introduced a new operation type, "Move", and optimized the "Create" type

  2. Processes: Introduced a new type, "Move"


  1. AdsPower Linux version went live

  2. Preferences: It's possible to preset preferred browser fingerprints as default parameters for newly created profiles. (Path: Settings - Preferences)

  3. Energy points - Redemption: It's possible to redeem energy points for profile add-ons

  4. More payment methods: MoMo and ZaloPay

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