About AdsPower

AdsPower’s mission is to cultivate millions of growth opportunities. AdsPower wants to help businesses grow by providing a best-in-class secure making solution. Our antidetect browser allows customers to get total control of their browser fingperprints seemlessly work with all platforms as they wish while ensuring exceptional support throughout the process.

Our Story

From day one, we made it our priority to put customers at the center of every decision we'd make. That’s why AdsPower has been insisting on optimizing the product all the way.

AdsPower started life in 2019 with the radical idea of making online marketing easy and effective. Aiming to fulfill the "no more account bans" ambition, we are dedicated to intense development of digital identity emulation technologies. Providing the possibility to manage the precious business assets in seperated virtual browser profiles, we came to be the game-changer.

In the following years, we expanded from a beta product to a featured platform with rich functionalities and reliable support services. AdsPower is the best choice for those looking for a stealth browser -- we always believe that.

About AdsPower
3m+ global users
Synchronizer launched
Linux version released
Local support teams in various countries
European team founded
Multi-region server deployments and global acceleration
Milky Way version released
FlowerBrowser launched
Became #1 stealth browser in Asia
Started getting in the European market
800k+ users worldwide
Rose in the Asian market
100k+ users
1 million+ profiles started
Founded in Hong Kong
SunBrowser launched

Our Values

No matter what stage AdsPower is on, the core values guide us through the process of development.

Passion for customers

AdsPower has built close relationships with thousandes of customers, helping them reach a surge in their businesses. Relationship is gold. We are proud to be trusted by users from all over the world.

Passion for customers

At AdsPower, each team member is encouraged to rise above challenges to work through adversity and inspire others. This daring spirit leads us to the top of the industry.


We embrace changes, imagine what is possible and foster creativity that challenges constraints and drives progress.


We consistently demonstrate on unselfish commitment to working with others to create a collaborative culture, which was extended into AdsPower’s collaboration functionality that makes teamwork smoother.

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