2023/04 (v5.4.20)

2023/04/06 20:27:12


  • SunBrowser: Added Chrome 112 kernel to improve compatibility between the User-Agent and browser kernel.

  • User-Agent version 112 added, and now more versions are available.

[Profiles page]

  • Adjusted the page of creating a new profile.

    1. New OS components: quickly select the needed OS.

    2. Summary: more detailed information about fingerprints.

    3. User-Agent moved above, enabing quickly select the UA for the profile.


  • "Groups" column added: Filtering profiles by group supported.

  • "Action" column added with two action options:

    1. Set as Main window: Set any of the profile as the Main window.

    2. Display window: Quickly view the desired window.

  • Custom hotkeys supported. (Path: Synchronizer - Settings - Hotkeys).

  • The console

    1. Open in a separate window: the console can be opened in a separate window, so that it won't take up much desktop space.

    2. Hotkeys "Ctrl+Alt+E" added for quickly displaying / hiding the console.


  • App display scaling: 50% - 150% supported. (Path: Settings - Local settings)

  • More languages: Türkçe, ภาษาไทย, français, Українська, हिंदी

  • The registration process is adjusted, you can register by receiving the verification code by email.

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