2023/06 (v5.7.4)

2023/07/07 11:03:56


  1. OS: More OS options (Windows 11, macOS 12, macOS 13, Android 13, iOS 14, iOS 15).

  2. Added ClientHints: Compatible with UA of higher versions of OS.

  3. Screen resolution: Added macOS device resolutions.

  4. WebGL metadata:

    • A drop down list of vendors.

    • Added Apple chip vendors.

  5. Browser kernel: Optimized logic of "Auto-match"; support random numbers of hardware concurrencies.

  6. FlowerBrowser: Added Firefox 114 kernel, only available for Windows.

[Profiles section]

  1. Sorting by "Name" available.

  2. New feature "Cache backups" enabling local automatic backups. (Path: Local settings - Cache settings)

  3. Proxy configuration:

    • Optimized IPIDEA's proxy connection logic.

    • Optimized IPFoxy's proxy checking.

    • Added IP checker for looking up IPs.


  1. Sync across screens.

  2. Added text operation "Random numbers".

  3. Added simulation operations "Click delay" and "Typing delay".

  4. Added hotkeys "Ctrl+Alt+Z" for "Tile windows".

  5. Optimization: Highlight the main window when the windows are synchronized for quicky identifying the main window.


  1. Support adding imported taskflows.

  2. New variable "Profile remark".

  3. Support bulk delete taskflows.


  1. Global settings: Added option "The profile won't be opened if the country/region is not the same as the last time the profile was opened".

  2. Support signin / sighup with Google.

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