AdsPower on the move: 2022 year in review

By AdsPower

2022 was an exciting year for AdsPower in big and small ways. We stepped up to meet a series of unexpected changes and challenges, but we rose to the occasion and took them in stride. This year has seen an encouraging growth of our community, which now includes more than 1 million customers who put their 30 million+ accounts in our hands. It has also marked important highlights for our team, which we are delighted to review in this post.

Let’s dive in!

AdsPower on the move: 2022 year in review

We made AdsPower more powerful and more secure

Browser kernel was one of the things we worked on the most. We introduced the amazing multikernels method in April that enables users to open profiles on various kernel versions, with the Auto-match feature helping to select the User Agent version that most closely matches the kernel.

The launch of FlowerBrowser, a Firefox-based browser, represented yet another development in terms of the browser kernel. The availability of both the Chromium and Firefox engines, along with the debut of the multikernels method, signals that we have reached a new stage in our effort to provide greater undetectability.

In the middle of the year, we released the highly requested M1 chip compatible version of AdsPower. We avoided taking the "shortcut" of compromising the new version's stability and functionality in order to offer a long-lasting solution. Instead, we worked for months on stabilization and testing to make sure all features performed as intended—if not better—on the M1 chip version.

By improving the point deduction logic, introducing the debugging feature, and launching the template marketplace, we improved the usability of browser automation.

We didn't overlook account security even after making significant progress with anti-fingerprinting technology. In order to improve the level of security, we added the authenticator during the summer. This 2FA technique is quicker and more practical. In fact, our ability to safeguard personal information has long been acknowledged; we received the ISO 27001 certification early in March as evidence of our information security management.

We improved the user experience

As the summer came to an end, we released the beta of Milky Way, our significant new version. This updated version aims to offer a brand-new user interface (UI) that was created to boost user productivity.

The menu tabs have been moved into a tidy menu bar in this new version, and the feature sets have been logically divided into three categories: Favorites, Automation, and Management. The process of creating a profile has been streamlined and can be initiated with just one click. Additionally, in response to many of your requests, we added summaries to each profile, making it simpler to get a quick overview.

The launch of our new pricing model in March was equally exciting. The new model offers more flexibility and long-term subscription discounts of up to 20%.

We managed to bring our customers more than just technological solutions

Our main objective has always been to assist users in achieving greater levels of business success. To increase the value of our service, we have been investing more and more in development and customer support—twice as much as our competitors' estimated investment.

We had been reorganizing the Help Center for almost half of the year in order to keep the categories consistent with the new application menu. By adding Vietnamese support and broadening the program's linguistic compatibility, we also significantly expanded our support coverage.

As our referral program reached 50k+ users and distributed $1 million+ payouts this year, our standing as an industry leader also enabled us to secure more special offers and discounts from our partners, from proxy providers to affiliate networks.

We strengthened our collaborations

In business, the win-win principle never goes out of style. It was thrilling that our sources, especially our website, which directed more than 100k visits to our partners, gave them more exposure.

Speaking of partnerships, the amazing Affiliate World Conference in Bangkok should not be missed. Our team had the wonderful opportunity to meet many of our partners and customers at this event. Socializing and relationship-building—we’re looking forward to more of it in the coming year!

What to expect for 2023

In 2022, we accomplished a lot, but we haven't yet won! In the upcoming year, the development process will be improved, leading to more frequent updates to the browser kernel as well as the development of value-added services like Facebook automation and RPA. Along with expanding our partnerships, we also aim to connect our clients with our partners in order to deliver valuable resources to those in need.

While the world and the industry are shifting, AdsPower will stand by you with the best product and support, as always.

Happy New Year to you all!


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AdsPower on the move: 2022 year in review