2022/12 (v4.12.27)

2022/12/31 10:45:24


- SunBrowser: Added <Chrome 108> core to improve the match between UA version and core version.

- SunBrowser & FlowerBrowser: Added <Hardware Acceleration> fingerprint to improve browser performance.

- FlowerBrowser: Added <Device Name> fingerprint to enhance the management of browser fingerprint.

- Added proxy type <922S5auto (922S5 residential proxy)>.

- UA library updated to version 108.


- Supported to operate more profiles at the same time by <cross-page check>.

- Supported to operate more profiles by the shortcut <shift+check>.

- Supported customizing the lock column to make the operation more convenient.


- Maskfog.IP: Supported automatic synchronization of proxy information.

- Supported updating network address in the list by <refresh URL>.

- The configuration related to dynamic proxies is moved to <Proxies-Proxy Resources>.


- The <Grouping> feature is supported to facilitate the management of RPA process.

- More templates: MetaMask automatic login, get all ad accounts on FB, Walmart account automatic registration, get FB ad permission AccessToken


- Local settings: Adaptive scaling page is supported.

- More payment methods: Pix, VietQR, PromptPay, TrueMoney, ThaiQR

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