2023/03 (v5.2.28)

2023/04/06 20:27:12


  • SunBrowser: Added <Chrome 111> kernel to improve the fit between User Agent version and kernel version.
    Note: Chrome has officially released that the Chrome 110 and above kernel is no longer supported on systems below Windows 10.
  • <User-Agent> library updated to version 111.
  • Updated the <WebGL metadata> library.


  • Import/Update/Export
    • Added <URL to open (tab)>, <Account platform (platform)> options.
    • Added <text file(*.txt)> format to export complete cookie information.
  • Optimized the interaction of the <Filter> feature.


  • Multiple browser windows can be operated simultaneously.
  • Control the [Synchronizer] by <Start Sync(Ctrl+Alt+S)>, <Stop Sync(Ctrl+Alt+D)>, <Restart Sync(Ctrl+Alt+R)> shortcuts.
  • Arrange and display windows by <Tile windows>, <Uniform size>, <Custom layout>, etc.
  • Fill text by <Paste text>, <Enter speed>, <Enter randomly>, etc.


  • Version information: Easy management of <Software version>, <Patch version>, <Browser version. (Path: Setting - Local settings - Version information)
  • Two-Factor Authentication(2FA): Adjustable security level for team accounts. (Path: Global Settings - Two-Factor Authentication)
  • More payment methods: Giropay, eps, Multibanco, MyBank, PayU, Blik, Pay by Bank app
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