AdsPower x XProxy - A Comprehensive Solution for Proxy and Multi-Account Management

By AdsPower

In today's digital landscape, managing multiple online accounts and ensuring privacy are essential tasks for businesses and individuals alike. AdsPower and XProxy are two innovative solutions designed to address these challenges, and when combined, they offer an optimal experience for users.

AdsPower is a powerful browser management tool designed to create multiple undetectable browsers, enabling users to manage multiple accounts with maximum online anonymity. This feature significantly reduces the risk of account bans by online platforms.

On the other hand, XProxy is a cutting-edge solution that allows users to create high-quality mobile proxies, ensuring the privacy and security of their proxies. With its easy plug-and-play setup, XProxy requires no technical expertise and offers cost-effective scalability for a large number of proxies.

By integrating AdsPower and XProxy, users can harness the benefits of both solutions, ultimately improving their account management capabilities and online privacy protection. In the following sections, we'll review XProxy's service in detail and demonstrate how AdsPower and XProxy together can provide unparalleled advantages for users.

Why Should You Build Your Own Mobile Proxy by XProxy?

Mobile proxies offer distinct advantages over data centre and residential proxies in various aspects. Firstly, mobile proxies are less likely to be blocked by websites since they use IP addresses from real mobile devices, which are less likely to be associated with automated or malicious activity. Secondly, mobile proxies provide a higher degree of anonymity, as their IP addresses are dynamically assigned and frequently changed, making it difficult for websites to identify and track users. Mobile proxies offer several benefits over other types of proxies, including mobility, trustworthiness, and a large number of IP addresses. They are ideal for automation and other online activities that require frequent IP changes.

However, the cost of a dedicated or mobile proxy is very high. If you run many accounts for a long time, it will be a huge cost. When you create a proxy, you are essentially creating your own proxy server over which you have full control and ensure your privacy. One of the biggest problems with proxy building is that it can be time consuming and technically challenging. So Xproxy was developed with plug and play in mind. Additionally, building your own proxy will also create an opportunity for you to start a proxy business by renting your proxy ports to others. XProxy is ready to scale as well as the easiest way to start your proxy business.

Did you know that just starting with XProxy Kit 5 ($399) - You already have a completely dedicated and high quality mobile proxy system - Include Xproxy Free Plan Forever and no hidden fee.

AdsPower x XProxy - A Comprehensive Solution for Proxy and Multi-Account Management

How can XProxy combined with AdsPower help you to be completely anonymous and run multiple accounts most efficiently?

The best thing is that XProxy offers a Free Plan that can be installed on Linux computers, including feature plug and play and auto proxy creation. According to their website, this version is free forever.

  • Automatic Proxy Generation: connect your dongles or android phone to Linux PC running XProxy software. XProxy will auto recognize and generate proxy http/socks5. All useful information about the device, signal, and status connection will be displayed on your dashboard for easy management.
  • Support most 3G/LTE/5G Dongles: XProxy supports more than 50 types of dongles in the world, and almost all are Huawei, and ZTE brands. They support both Hi-link and AT-stick mode models.

In addition, other features of XProxy have a fee, which we think is worth your upgrade because of the effectiveness it brings to you to help you combine with AdsPower for complete anonymity.

  • IP Rotation Function: changing IP is simple with one click or full API to integrate with your bots. XProxy does not limit any IP rotation request, you can rotate as much as you want, and every time only takes 3-7s depending on the model of the dongles or your android phone.
  • Unrooted/Rooted Android phones: In some countries, the speed of android phone will not be limited and too cheap anymore. Xproxy supports both Unrooted/Rooted Android phones.
  • TCP OS Fingerprinting: allows you to choose whether the TCP OS of the proxy is Windows or Linux. This feature is extremely useful for maintaining anonymity and avoiding detection, as websites and servers may use this information to identify and block suspicious connections.
  • DNS Setting: you can change the default DNS of your proxies for matching your ISP profile.
  • Website Restriction: They have two types of restrictions: whitelisting and blacklisting websites.
  • Schedule Rotation: you can schedule XProxy to change IP automatically in 5-10 minutes for example. In this way, a proxy will have a constantly changing IP, running more accounts without blocking.
  • Parallel support IPv6, Socks5: One dongle can produce both IPv4 proxy and IPv6 proxy in parallel. XProxy supports both HTTP and Socks5 for IPv4/IPv6.
  • Full support authentication: XProxy has many mechanisms for authentication such: as IP authentication, User/Password authentication to protect your proxies when you need the public to the world. The authentication user per proxy is fully supported.
  • SMS and USSD Control: XProxy built-in SMS/USSD Utility for easy managing balances without unplugging your SIM cards to your mobile phone when you need to check info and recharge.
  • API Integration: XProxy has a fully API for BOT development. You can easily integrate rotation API for your AdsPower actively every farming new account. Also, XProxy provides a set of backend APIs for selling mobile proxies.

    AdsPower x XProxy - A Comprehensive Solution for Proxy and Multi-Account Management

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AdsPower x XProxy - A Comprehensive Solution for Proxy and Multi-Account Management