Capsolver: Your Go-To CAPTCHA Solver of any captcha type

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Ever been stuck on a website because of those pesky CAPTCHAs? Fret not, because Capsolver is here to save the day! Recognized for being a top-notch captcha solver that you can try for free (yes, there's a trial!), Capsolver uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning to simplify those intricate CAPTCHA challenges we all love to hate.

Capsolver: Your Go-To CAPTCHA Solver of any captcha type

Diverse Solutions for Every CAPTCHA Challenge

Whether it's the everyday reCAPTCHA that keeps popping up or the more unique challenges from DataDome, hCaptcha and FunCaptcha, Capsolver has honed its skills to tackle them all. So if you're looking to easily solve a reCAPTCHA v2 / v3, solve hCaptcha, or solve FunCaptcha, remember Capsolver is the trusty companion you've been searching for.

Dive into the wide range of Captcha solutions offered by Capsolver

Ever wondered how you could solve annoying CAPTCHA that appear on your favourite page? Let Capsolver guide you with all the captchas that they can solve for you:

  • Image to Text Decoding
  • hCaptcha (Standard & Enterprise)
  • FunCaptcha
  • ReCAPTCHA (v2/v2 enterprise/v2 invisible)
  • ReCAPTCHA (v3/v3 enterprise)
  • AWS Captcha / Challenge
  • GeeTest V3 & V4
  • DataDome Captcha
  • CyberSiara Captcha
  • Cloudflare: Challenge 5s & Turnstile
  • Imperva/Incapsula
  • Akamai: Web & BMP Mobile
  • CoinMarketCap Captcha / Binance Captcha
  • MTCaptcha

...and many more!

Not a developer? No problem! Use their easy-to-install Google Chrome extension and solve captchas effortlessly.

Capsolver's Firefox extension is about to be launched. You can download and use it through the Capsolver official website or directly search for "Capsolver" in the Firefox Add-ons store for downloading.

Fair Pricing

Capsolver gets it. Everyone's needs are different, which is why they've crafted a "pay-per-use" model. And for those who are always on the lookout for a deal, they've got you covered with bundled offerings. If you've been wondering where to solve captchas without breaking the bank, your search ends at Capsolver.

Capsolver: Your Go-To CAPTCHA Solver of any captcha type

In addition, Capsolver has also prepared customized packages for users with specific needs. If the existing packages in the market do not meet your requirements, you can contact Capsolver for a personalized package. We strive to provide a user-centric approach.

Capsolver: Your Go-To CAPTCHA Solver of any captcha type

Bonus Code

When Add funds, use the bonus code "ADSPOWER" to receive an additional 8% balance on the add funds amount.

Capsolver: Your Go-To CAPTCHA Solver of any captcha type

Why Capsolver Shines Brightest

It's not just about being a stellar captcha auto solver:

  • Tailored to Your Needs: Whether it's an occasional need for an automatic captcha solver or something more hefty, Capsolver is ready and waiting.
  • Reliability at its Finest: They've boasted a 99.9% uptime and cater to over 100 million requests every month. Talk about being dependable!

More Ways to Benefit with Capsolver

Join Capsolver's referral and developer programs and get more than just CAPTCHA solutions. By promoting or integrating their services, you can further enrich your Capsolver experience.

Capsolver: Your Go-To CAPTCHA Solver of any captcha type

Effortless Set-Up

If you're a Chrome user seeking an auto captcha solver, or if you're in need of a free captcha solver API, Capsolver is a dream come true. With over 300 platforms reaping the benefits of their API, say goodbye to the techy headaches of CAPTCHA!

In Conclusion

When it comes to solve the problem of captchas being annoying, Capsolver is the beacon of hope. With accolades for being the top recaptcha solver and their prowess in handling various captcha types, they're the superheroes of the digital realm. Dive into Capsolver's offerings and make your online journey a breeze.



Capsolver: Your Go-To CAPTCHA Solver of any captcha type