Browser Automation in AdsPower: Quickly Growing Your Business

By AdsPower

AdsPower is an antidetect browser focused on efficient solutions with regular functionality updates. One of the spectacular features is browser automation, which allows you to save time on routine tasks and spend it on something more creative. In the ever-evolving online marketplace, it's important not to stand still. Automation of routine processes is what any team determined to scale their business needs. Today let's talk about how automation features of AdsPower can help you boost efficiency.

Unique RPA automation in AdsPower

What is RPA automation?

RPA (or Robotic Process Automation) is the process of automating repetitive actions with bots. We've previously told about the benefits of automation in arbitrage. In a nutshell, RPA helps you program bots according to your individual needs and increase the efficiency of processing routine tasks.

Principles of RPA in AdsPower

There are 2 payment models of AdsPower's RPA automation: one is based on the number of real actions (each action costs a certain amount of RPA points), and the other is bansed on subscription.

Choose the one which is appropriate for you, depending on how often and how many actions you are going to automate. For new users, 5000 points is enough to get the hang of RPA. More details can be found in this article.

Local API

Local API is an open-for-programming tool for getting more information, managing profiles, automatically opening and closing the browser, preparing configurations for accounts and other actions.

In AdsPower, Local API is available for everyone, but will better suit those who have programming skills. Users can combine the API with frameworks such as Selenium and Puppeteer to realize a greater degree of automation. Read the guide of using API.

Facebook Automation

Another available automation option is the automation of actions prepared specifically for Facebook, which is suitable for work with personal Facebook accounts.

Using the Facebook automation tool, you can automate processes of creating of Facebook pages and Business Manager accounts, checking status of your accounts and pages, as well as checking advertising budgets from one place.

It should be noted that this is a separate automation feature that is not available in any pricing plan, so to purchase this service, you will need to contact the online support and clarify the details.

Browser Automation in AdsPower: Quickly Growing Your Business

Growing your business further

Automation from AdsPower is something that doesn't require a lot of skills and will help your business move forward by saving a lot of working time and building routine activities the way you want. Almost the entire process of customizing automation is intuitive, but if you still have questions, the AdsPower team will always be happy to help.

No matter if you are a loyal user of AdsPower that wants to continue working with the browser or a stranger to AdsPower but would like to give it a go, great news is that you can get up to 50% off discount on subscription during the period of our Milky Way Sale. Grab the chance to grow your business at lower costs!

Browser Automation in AdsPower: Quickly Growing Your Business



Browser Automation in AdsPower: Quickly Growing Your Business