Farming Facebook Accounts: A Definitive Guide to Success

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What is Facebook account farming?

Let’s say you are a Facebook ad manager. You create a Facebook account to run an ad campaign and it gets banned for violating a Facebook policy that you are unaware of. You create another account and that account gets banned too, and another again…What do you do next? How do you future proof against Facebook account bans? How do you protect yourself from Facebook’s ever changing aggressive policies and sometimes erratic account bans? By farming Facebook accounts!

Facebook account farming occurs when internet marketers or certain individuals create multiple Facebook accounts to imitate regular Facebook accounts. It is a useful whitehat procedure that digital marketers use to create special ad accounts for running Facebook ad campaigns and promotions.

Understanding Farming Facebook Accounts(Why Do People Do it?)

Farming Facebook Accounts: A Definitive Guide to Success

Once again, In a nutshell, the core reason for farming Facebook accounts is Facebook account bans.

Facebook bans or blocks accounts for several reasons including but not limited to:

  • Poor ad campaigns with trivial reasons like poor imagery and poor copywriting
  • Ad campaigns promoting illegal products and services (the definition of illegal products and services is quite tricky and constantly changing under Facebook’s terms and policies)
  • Suspicious account activities like the usage of VPNs, logging in from multiple countries in a short time, rapid engagement in a short time, etc.
  • Ownership of multiple accounts

These are just a few reasons that are currently readily available. Facebook still runs even deeper policy checks that make their bans even more unpredictable. And you can read more about Facebook Bans in our in depth article.

So, to circumvent Facebook bans, you’ll likely need multiple accounts, and these accounts can be created and built up through Facebook farming.

Benefits and Use Cases of Farming Facebook Accounts

Farming Facebook Accounts: A Definitive Guide to Success

Let’s take a more indepth look at some of the benefits of Farming Facebook Accounts

1. Farmed Facebook can help boost your social media marketing strategy and improve overall business revenue

You might have been struggling with implementing your innovative and daring Facebook ad strategies because you are scared of Facebook banning your accounts. But not to worry anymore, a farmed Facebook account will bail you out. You can now try as many crazy ad patterns as you wish without the fear of Facebook banning your account. You can experiment with different social media marketing strategies and then select the most effective for your business. And if the account gets blocked? Another farmed Facebook account can quickly come to the rescue!

2. To run multiple accounts for business reasons

As mentioned earlier, some digital marketers run multiple Facebook accounts for various test and experimental cases. These tests and experiments could be solely to gain business insight. For example, you might wish to create a Philippine Facebook account to see what the Facebook feed of an average Philippine looks like. This could help to influence your marketing decisions.

3. To run multiple accounts for personal reasons

Many everyday people often ask, “can you have 2 Facebook accounts?” The answer is yes. You can farm another Facebook account for personal usage. You can use it for whatever you want including, maintaining an alternate persona or alter ego for personal or career purposes, and even an anonymous account dedicated to your hobbies.

4. To protect your personal email address or phone number

Some users are wary and distrustful of Meta’s business practices especially when it comes to selling user’s information and personal details. There’s also the problem of data breaches with one hacker leaking the personal data of over 500 Million users in 2021!

These users may choose to farm another Facebook account with a brand new email address and phone number to protect their personal information.

Techniques and Strategies for Successful Farming of Facebook Accounts

Farming Facebook Accounts: A Definitive Guide to Success

Now that we’ve handled the basics, let's dive deeply into a comprehensive guide on how to successfully farm Facebook accounts.

Step 1: Choose the perfect Antidetect browser.

The first thing to do is to get an Antidetect browser. Facebook tracks your browsing behavior and digital fingerprints through your browser. You need an anti detect browser and proxies to spoof or mask your details from Facebook. The less details Facebook has about you, the safer you are from their algorithms. Antidetect browsers also allow you to create multiple browser profiles with varying fingerprints and cookies. This helps with managing multiple Facebook accounts.

Asides spoofing your fingerprints, a proper antidetect browser would also need to properly hide your IP address. And while you could go to great lengths to find the perfect anti detect browser for you, we could also save you the trouble by recommending the number 1 antidetect browser on the internet today: AdsPower.

Step 2: Visit some random websites on your antidetect browser

Having a squeaky clean browser history is quite spooky to Facebook. Facebook has cookies on other websites through their proprietary commentary system and other plugins. When you visit these websites, Facebook cookies get planted on your browser.

It is recommended that you visit a few forums and websites to keep your browser history looking normal and not too clean. Try to visit as many possible websites as you possibly can.

Step 3: Create your Facebook account

Now it’s time to create your Facebook account. You can visit the regular Facebook website on your antidetect browser or create a new account through third-party websites that require a Facebook login still on your antidetect browser of course! Fill in the account details and add as many details as possible to make your account look more credible. Don’t forget to keep the details you filled in an organized place.

Step 4: Use the account like a regular user for about a week or more

Think of this step like a farmer watering and tending to a planted seed. Here you use the account like a regular user by adding friends, liking pages, commenting on posts, and making regular status updates. Join groups that fit your account persona. Scroll through your feed once and interact with what you see.

Don’t overdo things by trying to add up many people at once or spamming likes and comments. Irregular activity will make Facebook block your account. Add friends strategically and not just randomly. Be deliberate about what you are doing, as this isn’t a random Faceless troll account. This is an investment that could make you a lot of money.

Step 5: Create an ad account after a week to ten days

After a week or ten days of step four, you can now create an ad account and run ads on it. Make sure you use a new payment method on this Facebook account because using your old payment details can get the account flagged and banned by Facebook.

Challenges and Limitations of Farming Facebook Accounts

Farming Facebook Accounts: A Definitive Guide to Success

The number one challenge to Facebook Farming is Facebook’s tricky algorithms. Plus, Facebook now utilizes AI to detect fake accounts from real accounts. So, your account has to be as genuine as possible.

Asides the AI and algorithm issues, Facebook also utilizes account fingerprinting to match each Facebook account to specific browsers, and IP addresses but AdsPower will definitely take care of this.

Facebook also checks for personal details like phone numbers, email addresses, and payment details. So, all these must be as unique as possible. And you can’t use a personal picture that has been used on Facebook before. Facebook’s smart AI will detect the picture as one that has been uploaded previously to another Facebook account.


If done correctly, there is a lot to be gained from Facebook farming. You just need to have the right tools and strategy. Stick to what we discussed in this article and you’ll be fine. Facebook account policies change consistently, so try to keep up.

Like regular accounts, farmed Facebook accounts do come with their risks and issues. First, you can’t use a farmed Facebook account on the same browser as your regular account. Both of them will get banned. Secondly, farmed accounts also have to follow Facebook terms and conditions else they will get blocked too. Thirdly, you need to protect yourself using a top-notch antidetect browser.


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Farming Facebook Accounts: A Definitive Guide to Success