What Is Multi-accounting and Why Do You Need It?

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What Is Multi-accounting and Why Do You Need It?

Almost all the online platforms out there restrict users to a single account. Yet you see many people in your industry managing multiple accounts for:

  • Having a backup in case of bans
  • Managing different identities for social and professional worlds
  • Overcoming limitations and restrictions imposed on a single account

And whatnot. While most websites limit users to a single account only, the multi-accounting technique has been an open-secret tactic to fulfill the evolving needs of businesses and individuals. Managing multiple accounts requires a smart approach to bypassing detection across the internet. But what exactly is multi-accounting? Why do you need it in the first place? And most imortantly, how to do it?

This blog will answer all your questions related to multi accounting. So, without more jibber jabber, let’s dive in.

What is multi-accounting?

Multiaccounting simply means having more than one account on a particular platform or a website, for example, Facebook. You can also say that multi accouning occurs when multiple accounts on the same website are operated and managed by a single user. A single user or business may create multiple accounts for various individual or business needs.

Let’s understand why you need multi-accounting in detail.

Why do you need multi-accounting?

Depending on your requirements, multi-accounting can be beneficial in many ways. Here are a few reasons you may need multi accounting:

Avoid Bans or Restrictions

If all your accounts are connected with each other and managed with a single IP address, websites may be able to detect and associate those accounts as belonging to the same person. Therefore, the violation on one account increases the risk of restrictions or bans across other linked accounts. But with multi-accounting, each account will have a different IP address and will appear fully disconnected from each other.

This is achieved with the help of an Antidetect browser like AdsPower. So if you have multiple accounts from software like AdsPower, websites won’t be able to track and figure out that a single person or entity owns all the accounts. This means that if one of your accounts gets banned, others will not be affected. In this way, your business operations will not be affected by the banning of a single account.

Arbitrage Opportunities

In investment and trading, arbitrage means taking advantage of price differences for the same assets on different markets or platforms. Multi-accounting enables easier arbitrage by giving you more flexibility across accounts. For example, the price of a single stock may differ on two different trading platforms simultaneously. With multiple accounts, you could buy the cheaper stock on one platform and sell the same stock at a higher price on the other. This generates risk-free profit.

But if you do this using a single account, your account may get restricted or banned.

Advertising Benefits

If your business has to market its product or service on a particular social media platform, having one account might not always cut it. In such cases, you need multiple accounts to draw more attention towards your ads and marketing efforts to generate a better return on investment. With multiple ad accounts, you can target a wide range of audiences with different demographics to test your ad campaigns.

A single ad account will give you a limited spending cap. However, with multiple accounts, you can also increase your spending limits. But if your reason for getting multiple accounts is to increase your ad spend limit only, you may consider a Facebook agency ad account.

In Which Industries Can Multi-accounting Be Used Effectively?

Here are a few industries in which multi-accounting proves to be highly effective and is on the rise:

What Is Multi-accounting and Why Do You Need It?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means promoting products/services of other businesses and receiving a specific commission on each sale made through your promotional efforts. If you have multiple accounts, you can seamlessly manage and optimize the whole process of affiliate marketing.

For example, you can use one account to create content for the products/services you’re selling. This could mean creating visuals, writing reviews, descriptions, etc. You may create a second account for handling technical aspects like website development or maintenance.

Similarly, you can use a third account to track your referrals, connect with other affiliate networks, or monitor your overall progress. Now imagine doing all these tasks from a single account. It will get complicated, right?


Businesses in the ecommerce industry deal with selling products online at different marketplaces. Having multiple accounts gives them the flexibility to expand their online presence and sell across different platforms at the same time.

For example, an ecommerce business can have one account for their Amazon aws multi account strategy, one for Walmart, one for eBay, etc - all accounts managed by a single multi account manager for ecommerce like AdsPower. You may also create accounts for managing logistics, communicating with suppliers, or customer service.

With the separation of these important tasks through multiple accounts, you can use your main account for:

  • Driving traffic
  • Promoting your listings
  • Managing sales
  • Growing revenue

You see? There are a lot of ways you can optimize your business by simply having different accounts for different tasks.

The Crypto Industry

Crypto traders buy and sell different digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to gain profit. The trading of crypto can only happen on dedicated crypto exchanges like Binance. If you have multiple accounts on these exchanges, you can have more control over your trading.

For example, traders can keep one account for buying and holding currencies and another one for doing more frequent trades. Also, a single crypto account has a particular withdrawal limit. But with multiple accounts, you can increase this limit significantly.

Gambling / iGaming

Online gaming or betting platforms impose certain restrictions on players to minimize risk. But if you’re a serious long-term gambler/gamer, you may want to bypass these restrictions to avail certain betting/gaming privileges. In fact, multi accounting in poker is quite a famous strategy. You can get occasional bonuses and promotional offers and will be able to cash in on them easily if you have multiple accounts.

Moreover, in online tournaments, multi-accounting can help you gain an advantage over other players.

Online Dating

As weird as it may sound, many people use multiple accounts on dating platforms. The biggest benefit of having multiple accounts on dating websites is that it allows people to meet more potential partners. Moreover, people also make multiple accounts on these sites to make use of free trial sessions offered by the platform to new users.

How to Bypass Detections

Device Fingerprinting

Websites track devices to link activities from the same device to one user. Things like operating system, browser version, graphics card, etc, create a unique fingerprint that identifies your device. To make sure you don’t get exposed for having multiple accounts, you need different fingerprints.

You can achieve this by using an antidetect software, AdsPower. AdsPower allows you to set up different virtual browser profiles to avoid detection. You can check this article to understand how to set up different browser profiles in AdsPower. AdsPower enables you to have different fingerprints for each of your accounts. This way, you can easily bypass detection and leverage multi-accounting with complete peace of mind.

IP Analysis

Besides device fingerprinting, your public IP address can also be used to track whether you are running multiple accounts. If you have multiple accounts and you use the same network, let’s say your WiFi network, to log in to those accounts, websites will know that all the accounts belong to 1 person or entity. This way, they may ban your accounts. However, there are ways around bypassing IP analysis.

One way to have different IP addresses is to use a VPN service. Using a VPN will enable you to change your IP address for each device. For example, device A can use a United States IP address, and device B may use a United Kingdom IP address to avoid detection.

Another way is to use multiple mobile data networks instead of fixed broadband connections. They also provide unique IPs. Last but not least, you can bypass IP detection by using dynamic IP services that assign you a frequently rotating IP address so patterns don’t emerge.

Multi-accounting, A Necessity in This Day & Age?

At its core, multi-accounting exists because single-account policies of online platforms fail to meet the needs of the users. Multi accounting meets the growing needs of individuals and businesses in managing their diverse interests under one roof.

We hope that this article has equipped you with enough knowledge about multi-accounting and why you need it. If you want to own multiple accounts without the risk of bans and getting tracked, don’t forget to check out AdsPower.


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What Is Multi-accounting and Why Do You Need It?