Why You Need a Facebook Agency Ad Account and How to Get One?

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Why You Need a Facebook Agency Ad Account and How to Get One?

Are you struggling to achieve your Facebook marketing campaign goals despite leaving no stone unturned? The problem might lie in the limitations of your Facebook ad account. But don’t lose hope. There’s still a way out. The Facebook agency ad account may be the stone you forgot to flip. Yes, you heard it right.

A Facebook agency ads account is the key to solving all your Facebook marketing woes. But how does it do that, and how do you get a Facebook agency ad account? Let’s delve into these questions in this article.

What is a Facebook Agency Account?

A Facebook Agency Ad account is the one you need when the regular Facebook Ad account fails to deliver the desired results. Professional Marketing Agencies set up and manage these specialized ad accounts to run ad campaigns on your behalf. They may create a new Facebook ad account for your business or get your existing ad account on board. What's good about a Facebook agency ads account is that it offers extra privileges that a standard Facebook Ad Account lacks.

Since the marketing agencies owning them have huge spending, Facebook grants these ad accounts a higher daily spending limit. Additionally, they enjoy direct access to Facebook representatives to help resolve issues more easily and quickly.

What are the Benefits of Having a Facebook Agency Account?

Higher Daily Spend Cap

The biggest incentive a Facebook agency ad account offers is the ease of scalability. While a standard Facebook ad account restricts your spending past a small amount to scale your ad campaigns, a Facebook agency account allows you to spend as much as it takes to achieve your marketing goals.

This is made possible because Facebook grants marketing agencies a higher or unlimited spending limit for their need to manage and spend on multiple ad campaigns for numerous businesses simultaneously. If the daily spend limits have been hindering your ads from reaching a broader audience, with agency ad accounts on Facebook, that becomes a non-issue.

Therefore, rather than channeling more funds into a regular Facebook ads account and getting poor results, it’s a wise move to make the shift today.

More Chances of Account Recovery

Another major reason for renting agency ad accounts on Facebook is the smooth recovery measures in place if things go south. It is common for ad accounts to face bans by Facebook either due to policy violations or misjudgments by Facebook mods.

When this happens, all your progress is lost, and you’ll have to start the campaigns from scratch. You’re only left wondering, why did I get banned on Facebook? In such a case, you may apply for account recovery, but it might not be a success. However, the odds of account recovery are higher with Facebook agency ad accounts.

With a dedicated Facebook representative available for the agency, there’s a higher chance of gaining access to your account quickly. Sometimes, the agency may instantly provide a free replacement account so you can quickly get back on track without major delays.

How to Set up Your Facebook Agency Ad Account?

The benefits of a Facebook agency ad account over a personal one might have you asking, “how to get Facebook agency ad account?” It starts with looking for marketing agencies. Here’s the full step-by-step process.

Step 1: Research & Identify Potential Agencies

Plenty of advertising agencies are running successful ad campaigns for several businesses. Your first step is to shortlist a few reputable agencies that align with your business interests. It’s better to shortlist agencies with diverse packages, giving you more freedom while choosing the most suitable one.

Step 2: Evaluate Agency Teams

Now, dig deeper into the shortlisted agencies and evaluate their performance. One way to do this is to look at the track record of the chosen agencies. You may ask the agency for examples of their past work or read client reviews. You should also check whether the agency has experience working with businesses similar to yours.

Ensure transparency in their billing and processes and confirm compliance with Facebook's advertising policies to avoid potential scams and unethical practices.

Step 3: Contact Agencies for Information

Feel free to contact the agencies you’re interested in for further queries. Directly talking to them is a good way to gauge their professionalism. Pay attention to how quickly they respond and the way they communicate.

Step 4: Choose a Trusted Agency

After thorough research and comparison of different agencies, choose the one that appears to be the most trustworthy and experienced. Ensure you don’t err in the evaluation stage because making a poor choice can waste your time and resources.

Why You Need a Facebook Agency Ad Account and How to Get One?

Step 5: Set Up Your Facebook Agency Account

After deciding on the Agency, proceed to set up a Facebook agency ad account with it. The agency will typically ask you to fill out a basic form with details like your name, business information, email address, and a brief description of your advertising goals.

Step 6: Define Your Advertising Goals Clearly

Include detailed and realistic goals in the form. For instance, specify the number of people you aim to reach, your desired results, and your estimated marketing budget.

Step 7: Submit the Form and Get Started

Once the form is submitted, the agency will begin setting up your agency ad accounts on Facebook. Technically, they will assign an ad account to your business manager after charging the specified Facebook agency ad account price.

Why should I consider renting a Facebook agency ad account?

Why You Need a Facebook Agency Ad Account and How to Get One?


It’s a fact that tasks given to experts generally produce better results than when handled by someone with half-baked skills. This principle applies to managing Facebook advertisements as well. Crafting and executing ad campaigns is both time-consuming and skill-intensive. Moreover, you must constantly have an ear to the ground for the latest practices and policy changes.

If you invest your time and resources in running ad campaigns, you’ll divert attention from more important business affairs. This is where the need to buy a Facebook agency ad account pops up. The team of experts within the agency has the necessary skills to run your ad campaigns in a much better way while you pay undivided attention to running your business.


Renting a Facebook agency ad account saves you from the cost of training an in-house advertiser. An in-house advertiser has limited experience and requires training to understand your business's needs and find solutions.

In contrast, a good advertisement agency has the experience of working with a diverse set of businesses, which makes them flexible and quick in adapting to the needs of new companies. Moreover, working with a freelance advertiser requires you to bear the costs of specialized tools and subscriptions.

On the other hand, advertising agencies already possess all the necessary technologies, so you don't have to buy them separately. In both these cases, Facebook agencies prove to be a cost-effective option by cutting down training and software costs.

Quality Results

Agencies know effective strategies that can deliver guaranteed results for your business. Their approach is not hit-or-miss; instead, they apply optimal solutions to generate high ad engagement and attract more customers.

How do I find the right agency for my business?

Finding the right agency is crucial to achieve your desired marketing goals. Opting for a wrong or unfit agency can have unforeseen consequences for your business. Here’s how you can find the right agency ad accounts for Facebook:

Meta Business Partner Directory

Meta business partner directory is a platform provided by Facebook to businesses who need a helping hand for their marketing, and advertising needs. On this platform, you’ll find agencies that Meta has vetted according to their experience and expertise.

Whether you want creative help like making videos and images for your ads, or you need campaign management services, you can easily find agencies to take care of your advertising needs.

Online Resources

You can also find agencies through online resources and websites. These websites rank and rate agencies in different regions depending on their experience, pricing, reviews, etc.

ScaliX is one such agency that has years of experience in advertising on Meta(previously Facebook). ScaliX Agency offers premium agency ad accounts that keep advertising smoothly. For marketers who need stable advertising solutions with no downtime, ScaliX is the right place to go!

Here are some factors to consider for the right advertising agency:

  • Specialization: Go after agencies that have worked with businesses similar to yours. This means they know your audience well and the type of ad campaigns that work well for your organization.
  • Past Projects: Examine their portfolio to see how well their past projects turned out to be. Read client reviews and, if possible, reach out to them to get a first-hand idea of the pros and cons of the agency.
  • Pricing: Compare the pricing structure of agencies and choose the one that aligns the most with your budget and campaign goals.

What can you expect from a Facebook Agency Account?

Opting for a Facebook Agency account unlocks several extra features not found in a regular ad account. Apart from having peace of mind, you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Higher spending limits
  • Dedicated support
  • Higher chances of Account recovery in case of suspension

Moreover, a Facebook Agency ad account offers benefits like access to an expert advertising team, cost savings, and optimal results.

In a Nutshell

Shifting to a Facebook Agency Ad account is a strategic move to overcome the limitations of a standard ad account and grow your business to newer heights. It offers benefits such as higher spending limits, dedicated support, and increased chances of account recovery.

All you need to do is find the right Agency for your business and set up a Facebook ad account with them. Enjoy unrestrained Facebook marketing!


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Why You Need a Facebook Agency Ad Account and How to Get One?