2023/08 (v5.9.14)

2023/08/01 11:03:56


  1. SunBrowser: Added Chrome 115 and Chrome 116 kernels for higher compatity between the UA and the kernel

  2. User-Agent: Added the 116 version

  3. Media device: The numbers of microphone, speaker and camera can be customized

[Profile management]

  1. Edit bookmarks: Bulk appending, replacing, and clearing bookemarks is supported (Path: More - Edit bookmarks)


  1. Settings: The theme of the main window can be customized

  2. Tab management:

    • Same tabs: Keep the tabs in other windows the same as those in the main window

    • Close other tabs: Close all but the current tab from other tabs

    • Close current tab: Close the current tab in each window

    • Close blank tabs: Close all blank, unused tabs in each window

    • Open links: Enter multiple links and open them at one time


  1. Account security: Added "Failed login attempt alert" (Path: Global settings - Account security)

  2. Extensions: Available for all users

  3. Energy points:

    • Discounts: Convert energy points for discounts on orders

    • Redemption: Redeem energy points for RPA packages

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