2023/11 (v5.11.27)

2023/12/01 15:49:17


  1. SunBrowser: Updated to Chrome 119 to improve the compatibility between the UA and the kernel.

  2. User-Agent: Updated to 119 version.


  1. Fixed the issue that RPA tasks would occupy threads when they are not executed.

  2. Fixed the issue of failure of selecting elements for some plugins.

  3. New operation option "Google Sheets" to support using data from Google Sheets.

  4. Optimized: In "Task Log - Log Details", you can view the note information of operation options.


  1. Now it enables creating extension categories.

  2. Now it enables deploying the settings of "Global Settings - Browser Settings".

  3. Now it enables the use of new IP checker.


  1. Adjusted the UI/UX of "Proxies - Proxy Configuration" page.

  2. Optimized the logics of randomly selecting proxies from "Proxy configuration - Saved proxies".


  1. Billing

    • More information about the order is available in "Order Details".

    • Improved the UI of the payment page to provide a clearer payment process.

  2. Energy points

    • A certain amount of energy points will be given when purchasing the first subscription.

  3. Payment method:QIWI

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