Partner Center / SaleSmartly
Guangzhou, China

SaleSmartly is an e-shop tool for Chinese merchants, who want to enter overseas markets. It integrates real-time chat, robots and marketing automation to connect customer service, online sales, and secondary marketing, and comprehensively improve the conversion rate of e-shops.

SaleSmartly provides core services around the two demand scenarios of "consultation" and "sales": Consulting scenarios    

○ Support website multi-chat entry plug-in  

○ Support multi-channel message integration and unified reply   

○ Support binding multiple chat accounts in a single channel   

○ Support multi-person collaboration   

○ Support multi-language even translation   

○ Support text, picture, video   

○ Support online and offline reply   

○ Supports contact path tracing 

○ Support AI intelligent robot to automatically reply    

○ Support customer service performance management   

○ Support PC and mobile terminal Sales scene   

○ Support website to automatically trigger marketing slogans   

○ Support multi-channel message (Facebook Messenger, Line, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Email, etc.) 

○ Support automatic recall of abandoned shopping carts   

○ Supports targeted extraction of multiple groups of people  

○ Massive automated marketing templates  

○ Massive Email Marketing Templates