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Guangzhou, China

SaleSmartly deploys advanced AI technology to greatly improve customer service efficiency and satisfaction and achieve a smarter and more efficient communication experience. The product has been recognized and selected by tens of thousands of enterprises.

SaleSmartly's six core functions:

1. Omni-channel communication

One-click integration of mainstream social media platforms (such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, Line, Email, WeChat, etc.), and mainstream e-commerce platforms (such as Shoplazza, Shopify, Shopline, Shopyy, etc.) to achieve Unified backend management;

Cross-platform synchronization of chat records and customer information, which facilitates customer service personnel to deeply understand customer needs and purchasing behavior;

Flexible priority setting, intelligent allocation of customer service resources according to the importance of the channel to optimize the service process.

2. Automation

Access to ChatGpt-4.0 technology, AI robot through advanced customer intent recognition function, can deeply insight and capture the real needs hidden in customer questions, to achieve an accurate grasp of customer intent;

Setting up automated processes and automatically triggering corresponding actions according to your business needs and customer behaviors, realizing automated management of customer lifecycle and improving customer conversion and retention rates;

7 * 24 hours round-the-clock uninterrupted service, effectively fill the customer service manpower gap, improve customer service response efficiency.

3. Team Collaboration

The system can intelligently assign different chat sessions to appropriate customer service personnel according to preset rules and customer service personnel's abilities;

Comparing the indicators between groups, enterprises can deeply analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each team and realize more reasonable work arrangements.

4. Customer relationship management

Collect and create customer databases to view customers' basic information, purchase records, communication records, behavioral trajectories, etc., so that you can better understand the characteristics and needs of customers and improve customer segmentation and positioning;

Tagging customers for classification and management, and personalized and customized communication and services based on different tags;

Automatically execute corresponding marketing strategies based on your business objectives and customer feedback to improve the quality and results of marketing activities.

5. Data Analysis and Insight

Provide detailed data reports and visualization tools to help companies understand the effectiveness of customer service and customer interaction;

In-depth exploration of user needs, through data analysis to help optimize product and service strategies;

Combine with crm system to realize the whole chain tracking of customer data, empowering accurate marketing and personalized recommendation.

6. Real-time translation

Providing real-time translation in 134 languages, automatically detecting the languages of you and your customers without manual settings;

Automatically translates the messages you receive into your native language, and also automatically translates the messages you send into the language of your customers.


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