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June 2024
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Guangzhou, China

1. High-quality advertising account Overseas agency accounts support a wide range of categories, and there is no daily consumption limit. They can freely place domain names and change fan pages freely. Aggregating global high-quality platform traffic, services of overseas agency accounts + domestic accounts can quickly self-service account opening, one-stop management of advertising accounts, easy operation of account recharge and dynamic monitoring.

2. PC + WeChat minip rogram operation One-stop cross-platform management of massive channels and accounts, mini programs for mobile work at any time, support for cross-platform data reporting, multi-currency settlement, online payment, etc., reducing communication and operation costs in all aspects of purchasing.

3. Big data aggregation analysis Industry-wide big data accumulation, efficient comparative analysis of multi-account data, custom analysis dimensions, and report templates are provided to help advertising effects stand out.

Give users gifts equivalent to 0.2% rebate:
Every time you spend $4,000, you will get a free AdsPower monthly fee package, worth $9
For every US$30,000 spent, you can get an AdsPower annual fee package, worth $64.8

The above rebates can be applied for multiple times within 180 days from the date when the user first opens an account, and the consumption within 180 days from this date shall prevail.
The above discounts are only available for redemption of AdsPower packages or other services provided by AdsPower and cannot be withdrawn.
If the AdsPower package pricing changes, you will be deemed to have been notified in time, and the cashback value will be exchanged for gifts of equal value based on the latest value.
The final right of interpretation belongs to SuperADS


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