2022/11 (v4.10.18)

2022/11/04 14:27:58


  • Full supported for Firefox core-based FlowerBrowser.

  • SunBrowser upgraded to version 105 Chrome core.

  • FlowerBrowser added <resolution> and <font> fingerprinting.

  • User Agent updated to version 106.

  • User Agent filtering by system version is supported.


  • Expanded the number of steps in the process to 1000.

  • RPA process sharing is supported.


  • New dark mode, content display more clearly.

  • Updated [Referral Program] to meet more promotion scenarios.

  • Sharing profile by <user ID> is supported.

  • For upgrade package can enjoy more discount.

  • Supported for refreshing IP in profile list (only for proxies with refresh URLs configured).

  • Added [tag] feature, and supported profile category management.

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