2023/09 (v5.9.14)

2023/10/12 14:24:41


  1. SunBrowser: Introduced Chrome 117 kernel to improve the compatibility between the UA and the kernel.

  2. User-Agent: Updated to the 117 version.

  3. SunBrowser: Fixed Chrome's bug CVE-2023-4863 .(available for 116/115)

[Profile management]

  1. Clear cache: Clearing local and cloud cache is available.

  2. Account platform: Added Instagram.

  3. Trash: Added "Delete" feature to allow empty trash.


  1. Operations

    • New: Get Page Cookies.

    • New: Clear Page Cookies.

    • Updated: Variable can be set as times for "For Loop Times".

    • Updated: Replacing tags is available for "Update Profile Tag".

    • Fixed: Conversion failure issues of "Convert to JSON".

  2. Task log: Deleting task logs is available.

  3. Sharing process: Sharing RPA processes in bulk is available.

  4. Task execution: Support "delay" in execution.


  1. Bookmark: New feature "Apply to all profiles of the team". (Global Settings - Bookmarks)

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