Refund Policy

Release time:2021/11/01

1.   The service purchaser shall select the specific items in the AdsPower service according to his or her own needs. Once the service purchaser’s choice is made, it shall be binding on the service purchaser.

2.   This service may include paid service and free service, which shall be subject to the information published by AdsPower. AdsPower may modify and change the charging standards and methods of paid services according to actual needs, and AdsPower may also start charging for some free services. 

3.   The service purchaser shall purchase the paid service of AdsPower, and the service price and service period shall be subject to the service purchaser’s choice.


4.   The service purchaser shall fully understand the functions and application scenarios of AdsPower before finishing a payment. Therefore, we provide a free version and a Team collaboration version (Trial) for customers. Customers who purchase the Team collaboration version (Trial) can request a refund before the service expires. Once the payment for Team collaboration official version is made, it means that the service purchaser recognizes the value of AdsPower and cannot request a refund any more.


5.   If service purchasers have any doubts about payments, firstly please contact AdsPower online customer service or email us at